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Scientists have found a new cannabis component that is 30 times stronger than THC, however,  it is not yet clear how the THCP will affect users and what is its impact.

In addition to the newly discovered THCP, Italian scientists have also discovered a second unknown component related to the cannabis plant, which they called CBDP. The CBDP looks like a cousin of CBD, the medical component known to be anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and often used in products like oils and edibles. These discovery of THCP was recently published in Nature, Scientific Reports magazine.

Both components were isolated and extracted from the Italian type of cannabis, known as 2FM. Cannabis components help to keep the body at equilibrium (homeostasis) and monitor basic things in the human body from sleep to appetite, inflammation, and pain. When a person uses marijuana, THC overcomes this system, attaches to the receptors of the cannabis components, and interferes with the receptors’ ability to link nerve cells.

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What is THCP?

Tetrahydrocannabiphorol (THCP) is a newly discovered cannabis compound that seems to affect the human body the same as the receptor known as THC, however, it might be 30 times more potent than THC.

THCP clings tightly to both receptors but 33 times stronger the THC and 63 times stronger than another component called THCV. These findings can provide a better explanation of why some types of cannabis have a stronger effect than other types of cannabis that contain only THC.

The length cannabinoid alkyl side chain is a huge factor to determine the effect of cannabis on humans. In the majority of the 150 cannabis components, including THC, this chain has a length of five atoms while the THCP’s length is seven atoms, which basically creates a stronger effect than the THC. So far, a natural cannabis component with a length of more than five atoms has not been found.

Although the majority of recent researches on the medical benefits of cannabis has focused on the CBD component, the discovery of THCP might contribute to a more efficient higher health-medical treatment, according to the researchers.

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