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Marijuana is the mixture of dried flowers of the cannabis plant, also known as the Cannabis Sativa.

The plant is known by many names, including weed, pot, herb, and grass. One can smoke it, brew it with tea, or even mix in foods as edibles.

For those new to the 420, there are also stronger variations including sinsemilla, hashish, and hash oil.

If you are among those looking to buy weed online in Canada then you should have complete information about the plant to purchase the right product.

The High

The psychoactive chemical found in marijuana is the THC, short for Tetrahydrocannabinol. Moreover, marijuana carries more than 500 different chemicals. It also has 100 chemicals similar to THC.

You should know the amount of THC in the 420 (weed plant) decides its strength along with how it will affect the body.

An Interesting Fact About This Magical Herb marijuana carries more than 500 different chemicals

During the last few years, marijuana growers have been increasing the amount of THC in the crop.

Now, we shall have a look at how this magical herb works its magic!

Marijuana is a psychoactive herb, which means it plays a little with how your brain functions. Consuming this herb affects what is known as cannabinoid receptors. These send messages to different nerve cells throughout the nervous system. The receptors affect the brain areas affecting learning, memory, coordination, appetite, and pleasure.

The Debate About Marijuana Effects On Different People

The topic of debate is how marijuana affects the brain working of different individuals.

The chief reason behind this is each individual has different biology along with the potency of the herb and previous drug experience.

Some individuals might not feel anything at all, while others think the high much worse than the one felt after consuming alcohol.

At the same time, some might feel a bit relaxed, while some would get paranoid or anxious. It happens when the person consumes a stronger strain of the herb, which gives a stronger psychoactive effect.

The only way to find out about how long the effects of smoking weed last is after someone stops consuming the herb.

The internet offers a plethora of information about marijuana with different lingos as THC, cannabis, CBD, Indica, and Sativa, which confuse a person smoking their first toke.

It is what also makes even experienced marijuana users a bit curious to know more about this magical herb.

Hence, it is the time you know the details about the best strains of cannabis to purchase the right product.

Top 3 best strains of marijuana (Cannabis)

Read on below to find out about three of the best strains of the cannabis plant.

The Magic of Sativas

The Sativa provides the person with energy and motivation to keep going instead of just falling on the couch and dozing off.

The first sign, which a first-timer buyer of Sativa is the leaves are thin and spread out.

Cannabis Sativa

Best Sativa strains:

  • Durban poison strain
  • Green crack strain
  • The Purple haze weed strain 

What About the THC:

Sativa has a higher level of THC and lower levels of CBD, which helps one deal with anxiety and pain.

It also helps the individual bring out their creative side and helps people manage depression.

An important thing to note is that this strain is bound to turn an average Joe into a philosopher.


Indica strain contains a higher amount of the CBD component and known for its ‘calming effects.’

The leaves on this strain are broader and closer together as compared to the Sativa strain. With Indica, there is density, which makes it easier to know how much it is.

Best Indica Strains

  • Grand daddy purp strain
  • Dosido strain
  • the Bubba Kush strain 

What About the Potency:

The more compact the bud is, the more Indica properties it will have of Indica.

You might not know, but Indica can help one find pain relief, insomnia, and also remove anxiety.

The Indica strain is known for producing a heavy and relaxing high in the individual, which makes it the best for removing muscle tension in sportspersons.


Do you want to know about the ‘cherry on the cake’ type of strain in cannabis? It is none other than the hybrid.

Hybrids are merely perfect for bringing more energy and relaxation in the individual, but it all depends on the ratio of the Sativa to Indica.

An interesting fact about this strain of cannabis is these provide the best of both Sativa and Indica strain of cannabis.

The Result? You enjoy one of the most potent strains of cannabis there is.

The Indica strain is known for producing a heavy and relaxing high in the individual
The Indica strain is known for producing a heavy and relaxing high in the individual

Best Hybrid Strains

  • Blue dream strain
  • Gorilla glue strain
  • Gelato strain
  • Trainwreck strain


Bottom line

Those looking to buy weed online need to possess complete information about the different strains of this magical plant. It will help them purchase the right product without too much hassle.

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