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Anti Feminism is one of the most controversial topics these days. We’re still terrified of the (other) F-word and its intimidating implications.

But why? What is actually anti-feminism? As a matter of fact, what is feminism nowadays? Let’s dig in to understand it a bit more. First, it’s not about taking a side but rather be familiar with all the opinions and ideologies. Luckily and proudly, we can confirm that our global social system, at least in developed societies, acknowledges equal rights for women (though there is a long way ahead of us), and those who reject gender equality are the bad apples in a good system.

So, what is antifeminism?

To put it simply, anti-feminism is an opposition to the principles and an idea of feminism. As the feminist movement has changed since its foundation, the principles and interests of anti-feminism have also changed over the course of history. Antifeminists may oppose feminism for a variety of reasons, such as claiming its differentiate gender and promotes hostility toward men.

Women and men alike can be anti-feminists; A a matter of fact, some of the most prominent anti-feminists have been female.

Feminist, non-feminist – What Am I?

The notion of a person who can strongly believe in the principles of feminism as well as anti-feminism is a prove of the confusion made from categorizing and defining individuals. We tend to believe that men are anti-feminist and women are feminist, hence, this is the sex war. However, this is partly misleading. Some of those who define themselves as anti-feminist are females that support gender equality and at the same time, reject the feminist movement.

Watch this video, maybe it will help decide. And honestly, even if you can’t decide, it’s all good. There’s no need to label yourself or anyone else.

One thing is true, the feminist movement has changed from its original definition. Feminism in our modern society represents a very different type of ideology than the original one of the women in the 19th century who established this movement. Regardless, their interests should not be ignored and should be addressed. Perhaps a united movement can benefit gender equality. A new movement? Genderism maybe???

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