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You would be surprised how much chaos surrounding us today, and how much can you do if only you be minded and have goodwill.  

It is not a secret that our planet is severely harmed and as we notice the economic inequality, climate change, the massive pollution, the extinction of wildlife, and more. Other disturbing facts are that around 10 million people in poorer countries die each year of illnesses that can be very cheaply prevented or managed. Another 10 million people suffer from constant malnutrition or parasitic diseases, that directly affect their mental and physical capabilities. In many cases, these problems can be solved with cheap technology or proper awareness and education. 

If you were wondering what can you do in order to help and make the world a better place, here is a list of 9 simple things that can create a great difference.

  1. Save our soil In the last decades, more than 30% of the world’s crops have become unproductive, due to soil nutrition depletion. It is well known that healthy soil affects healthy human beings, and when nutrients are lacking in the soil, this is also reflected in the human body. When you plant roots you help protect the soil structure and encourage healthier soil communities through plant-fungal interactions. Besides planting roots you can also help save our soil if you only stop clear-felling old-growth forests (as trees protect the soil by storing carbon which is an organic matter and helps prevent nutrition loss).
  2. The Lack of Clean Water- This is the main source of common and serious problems in today’s world (diarrhea, malaria, cholera outbreaks, and more). Third of the world’s population has no access to sanitary water, and according to the world health organization, around 485,000 diarrhoeal deaths each year are due to contaminated drinking water. The Water Projects organization helps to build access to clean water storage and you can simply help by donating hereThe Water Project
  3. Use Energy Efficient Light Bulbs –  Not only that you will help the environment and reduce pollution, but you will also save some money in your bank. Here’s how energy-efficient light bulbs compare with traditional incandescents.
  4. Bone Marrow Donation– According to the World Health Organization, International Agency for Research on Cancer “One in 5 men and one in 6 women worldwide develop cancer during their lifetime, and one in 8 men and one in 11 women die from the disease”. More than 900,000 people around the world are diagnosed with blood cancer each year, whereas Leukemias are the most common cancers in children. Leukemia is the general name for a broad category of cancers that develop in the bone marrow. A bone marrow transplant can save the life of someone battling blood cancer and it is super easy to register as a bone marrow donor (a person just swabs the inside his cheek in order to provide the DNA needed to identify if there is a match for someone). Donors giving from their hip bones are put under anesthesia, and therefore they do not feel pain during the collection procedure After donation, bone marrow replaces itself within four to six weeks. You just need to be placed on the registry, something that can be done easily at the nearest registry office or by inviting the registry to your home. 
  5. Hunger is often not a food problem but a logistics problem. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations every year, one-third of the produced food in the world (approximately 1.3 billion tonnes) is wasted, while 1 in 4 people are malnourished. Food banks, such as The global FoodBanking network, acquire donated food, much of which would otherwise be wasted, and help to make food available to the hungry. You can easily help by donating money or food, just click on the link above and you will get all the information needed.  How Food Banking Works
  6. Recycle glass- Glass is made of sand and is very easy to recycle by breaking the glass, melting it, and creating new glass. However, when throwing it away, it takes a million years until the glass is being decomposed. Be sure your rubbish removal service is recycling glass and not just including it in general waste that ends up in landfills. Moreover today many shops and supermarkets offer a deposit per each bottle, so you can easily help the environment and save money.
  7. The lack of ability for simple medical procedures– An estimated 20 million people worldwide are blind because of an unoperated cataract. This easy and quick surgery costs approximately $35 and can give a person his or her vision and improved quality of life. If you would like to donate to surgeries in India you can do it at this link
  8. Save our Trees by Canceling Your Paper Bank Statements- As we all know trees protect the environment in many ways such as providing oxygen, improving climate and air, conserving water, preserving soil, protecting animals, and more. By canceling your paper bank statement you will not only help save our trees but help saving lots of money. The average bank pays approximately $0.86 per statement. Imagine how much money is being wasted with only 100K accounts. Today it is super easy to receive your bank statements via email and so you will have all reports ordered and easy to find on your computer.   
  9. Donating stuff– Don’t through accessories, clothes, shoes, etc away, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Donate your unwanted stuff to charity organizations or list them on a free collection website. 
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