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Ok, so for quite a while I really wanted to get any Native Instruments product. At first, I was thinking about the Machine MK3 but eventually, I decided it would be better for me to go safe – meaning to buy a simple Midi keyboard controller.

Perfect, so I set my mind on the Komplete Kontrol M32 as it is small, has a nice design, and you get access to lots of instruments from the Native Access library. But… after visiting the Native Instrument website, I could notice that Komplete Kontrol M32 and FL Studio – not a good match.

This has led me to contemplate whether to buy the Komplete Kontrol M32 or the Arturia Keystep. When I finally arrived at the shop – the two keyboards were lying on a shelf one next to the other… of course. I made a decision to buy the Komplete Kontrol, partly because I wanted to get access to the Native Instrument library. Now, I’m here to help you decide whether to buy the Komplete Kontrol or not…

NI Komplete Kontrol M32 on FL Studio – Does it work?

In a nutshell, yes it works! I mean I don’t really know what you can or cannot do with Komplete Kontrol on Logic Pro or Abelton, but, if you simply looking to play chords, bass, and other instruments – the Komplete Kontrol works perfect on FL Studio.

My biggest concern was to purchase the keyboard and not to be able to use it on FL Studio or more accurately, to go through a long process before I can actually use it. For that matter, this video solved my problem, and in a matter of minutes, I was able to set and use the keyboard on my DAW.

Another useful video to using any Komplete Kontrol product on FL Studio:

The bottom line

So, what’s the verdict from my experience??? So far, I love it! Yes, there’s an annoying issue with the velocity of Komplete Kontrol. I also found many users complaining about this problem. But overall, it works smoothly for those who want to play chords, and make beats. Further, it is more than likely that at some point in the near time, Native Instruments and Image Line will collaborate so… In one word, get it!

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