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5 Pro Tips for Improving Your Baseball Skills

5 Pro Tips for Improving Your Baseball Skills
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Being a great baseball player takes a lot of time, discipline, and practice in multiple areas and abilities. You need to train hard and spend a lot of time practicing and perfecting the skills of hitting, catching, and pitching. While official team practices can give you some of the time and skills needed to get better, you need to be able to train these skills and spend some time improving your overall fitness by yourself too. Here are some ways you can do that.

5 tips for improving your baseball skills

Below, we suggest five tips and tools that can help you significantly improve your baseball skills:

Get a Pitching Machine

Getting yourself a baseball pitching machine is an incredibly worthwhile investment. These machines are very versatile and even the most cost-effective ones can be set up to deliver pitches of any speed and with variations in pitches that will mimic a real baseball pitcher. A baseball pitching machine is an excellent way of getting plenty of batting practice because it enables you to practice at home by yourself. This added practice time can make a big difference to your skills and can have a quick and remarkable effect on your batting skills. 

Pair It with a Turtle Cage

Of course, while learning to hit world-class home runs from balls pitched at you from the business end of an automatic pitching machine is very good for your skills, you’re likely going to find that losing baseballs that go flying off over your neighbors’ walls will get expensive fast. A turtle cage can help with this because it can help stop balls from disappearing off into the distance when hit. A turtle net isn’t just useful for batting practice either. It also gives you a way to practice your pitching by letting you hurl fastballs into the back of the net. Plus, if you’re trying to save some money, you can make your own!

Focus Your Workouts

Just like every sport, baseball uses specific muscle groups and complex movements. Focusing your workouts and gym sessions on these muscles will mean you have the necessary strength and flexibility required to perform at a high level. To learn these workouts, do some research online, watch instructional videos, or use apps that have specific workouts for baseball players. If you’re taking it seriously, you might even consider hiring a personal trainer for a few sessions so they can help you develop a personalized workout plan for your specific needs.

Increase Your Cardio Fitness

Along with muscular strength and flexibility, you’ll also need to be physically fit and that means spending at least some of your training time doing cardio. You can do this using a running program, or you can use one of the many different high-intensity interval training programs around. The most important part of cardio training is doing something you enjoy and something that you’re likely to do often without it feeling like a chore.

Improve Your Hand-Eye Coordination

Being good at baseball, especially when you’re up at bat, relies a lot on your hand-eye coordination. It’s vital in every sport because it helps us keep our muscular movements in sync with what our eyes see so we don’t swing the bat too early or too late. There are many tried and tested methods to practice hand-eye coordination, like juggling, ball dropping, and others. Spend some of your training time on keeping your reflexes and coordination sharp by running these drills. 

Final thoughts

While practicing your hitting, catching and pitching is important, you’ll notice that your baseball skills are reliant not only on your skill with a bat and ball but on your ability to perform as an athlete too. Improving your baseball skills means you need to balance your training sessions well for the most success. It’s all part of the evolution of sports and with new technological tools, it is certainly possible to improve your baseball skills. 

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