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There’s no doubt that the vast majority of sports records are there to be broken. After all, the way athletes are evolving is quite impressive and the improvement of human athletic performance is unquestionable.

But, between this and that, there are some sports records that it’s almost hard to imagine how they will be broken. So, here are five sports records that I’ve decided to include in this list.

5 Sports records that might never be broken

Rafael Nadal’s 13 French open titles

Rafael Nadal is the undisputed king of clay with 13 Roland Garros titles, an achievement that is not likely to be broken in the future. With an average career length of around 16 years for a tennis player, it is difficult to see another player winning more French Open titles than ‘Spain’s raging bull’.

Wilt Chamberlain’s 100 points in a game

To be honest, this record could be broken at some point. I mean, Kobe Bryant was very close to breaking this record with an iconic 81 points game in 2006. Also, over the last years, NBA players score more and have more freedom on the court. Devin Booker, for example, scored 70 points in 2017, and last year, Steph Curry scored 62 points.

Still, 100 points in one single game… maybe but most likely not.

Klay Thomson’s 37 points in one quarter

An NBA team takes around 80-100 shots per game, meaning around 20-25 shots in a quarter. To reach 37 points in one single quarter, a player needs to take at least 13 shots, which is a challenge on its own. This is 12 three-pointers and one free throw.

So, scoring 37 points in one quarter requires a lot of luck not only to score all of these shots but actually to be able to take so many shots in one quarter.

Steffi Graf’s Golden Slam Season

Well, in essence, it’s doable to break this record but it might take 100 years or even more until it happens. After all, the Olympics takes place once in four years so the chances are very low on this case.

In 2021, Novak Djokovic was close to making history by winning four Grand Slams and being the favorite to win an Olympic gold medal. In the end, Djokovic ended the calendar year with three Grand Slam titles, something that Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal also achieved.

The bottom line, the record of Steffi Graf is not very likely to be broken in the future, and who knows, it might take 100 or even 200 until any tennis player will make a golden slam season.

Pele’s 1279 goals in 1363 games

At last, Pele’s incredible number of goals throughout his career includes 1279 goals. Ok, so there’s a huge controversy about the real number of goals Pele has actually scored – it is said that 526 goals came in tour games and unofficial friendly matches. On the other side, Pele did not play in many official matches like football players do these days.

Regardless, it is a record that cannot be ignored. Just for comparison, as of October 2021, Christiano Ronaldo has scored 795 goals in 1085 appearances throughout his career and Messi 755 in 940 appearences. Still far away from the ‘King of football’.

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