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Okay, so once again, the Israel-Palestine conflict is on the headlines. But this time, it’s different. The massacre that happened in Southern Israel is unforgivable for Israelis, and to be honest, it should be condemned by any human on the planet.

Full disclosure: I’m Israeli, and for years, I have been arguing for a two-state solution, claiming that the Palestinians have the right to a sovereign country. I believed in peace and the ability of two nations to co-exist. Well, not today. Unfortunately, like many, I believe that the Palestinians cannot be trusted, which is the primary factor needed I. order to live peacefully with neighboring countries. Yes, the notion of trusting them, the Palestinians, to build a functioning society can no longer be the reality.

Now, despite the controversial history of Palestinians, they still deserve a country where they can live in place, fly to and whenever they want, and be independent and developed. But not on those terms.

Right now, people in Israel say no more. We don’t want these neighbors. Not like that. Palestinians have failed to function as a society. I think, and I know, that many Palestinians who live in Gaza have the same feelings.

Remember, Israel has not occupied Gaza since 2006, meaning they basically have full control of their people, resources, etc. Even the claims of Israel controlling electricity and water are not entirely accurate. Israel provides 15% of the total water supply in Gaza and 60% of electricity. The truth is that the Palestinians could have built a perfect place during the past 17 years since they received full authority over their people and resources. They can blame others, but they must blame themselves as well.

Now, the big question – where does this whole thing go?

Israel and Palestine – What’s next?

Sometimes, reality needs to be changed. Even though moral code is subjective to time, place, and religion – some things are very clear. Hamas has lost its legitimacy as an entity that rules the Palestinians in Gaza. Frankly, it’s for the best not only for Israelis but also for Palestinians. You know what? After the massacre on the 7th of October, we can clearly say that it’s better for the world. Americans, Germans, and even people from Thailand (which is extremely bizarre to Kidnap people from Thailand) are all victims of this vicious, barbaric act by the Hamas.

Additionally, for those who are not familiar with the Israeli-Palestine conflict, it’s very likely that there’s a big relief for Palestinians in the West Bank. Palestinians in the West Bank and in Gaza are almost enemies, and some even claim that Hamas’ ultimate goal is to control not only Israel but also the West Bank.

Regardless, the main question that hovers in the air is what’s going to happen now. Things cannot stay the same. The situation is not sustainable for both sides, and the only organization that seems to control and enjoy escalation is Hamas. Here are some options:

Israel Ground Invasion

First, Israel can occupy Gaza again and force a democratic regime. This is not unprecedented, as many countries have done it before. This way, Israel can presumably destroy Hamas and perhaps change the Gaza Strip condition for good. Remember, Gaza is not an occupied territory, per se. It is highly controlled by Israel with borders and the control of resources, but there are no soldiers and no involvement of Israel in Gaza’s territory, regime, economy, and social development.

If this happens, Israel will enter the Gaza Strip, which includes ground invasion. The IDF will then quickly destroy Hamas headquarters and control the borders until they gain full control of the area. Practically, it is similar to what the US did in Afghanistan or Iraq.

However, the cost is high, and it might be a difficult decision for Israeli policymakers to take. We are talking about years of military operation, many casualties for both sides, and constant criticism from the international community.

Still, at the moment, it seems like this is the best option on the table and the only one that can make a real difference for all sides. Also, currently, according to many sources, a ground invasion seems inevitable.

Israel’s Demand for Surrender with Airforce Bombings

Another option for Israel is to stay out of Gaza and try to destroy Hamas with its air force and other military tools it has. Bear in mind that Israel has the military capabilities to incapacitate the Hamas organization without having to get into the Gaza Strip. Israel can then hope that the change will emerge at some point from the Palestinians who suffer from the Hamas regime. Sort of an ‘inside revolution’.

Practically, Israel can do what the US did in Japan and Germany in the Second World War. Israel can drop leaflets with warnings and the demand for surrender. The term for them to stop is pretty simple – bring back all the hostages and surrender, meaning accept that Hamas is no longer the official government in the Gaza Strip.

But, as of writing, the constant pressure from the Israeli public and the open hand Israel has received from the international community make this option less favorable. For many, it’s now or never.

Egypt to Annex Gaza Strip

Lastly, another option that lies in the back of the mind of many people, at least those who have an interest in and knowledge of this complex conflict, is the annex of Gaza to Egypt. Obviously, the Egyptian regime, as well as the Egyptians, do not like Hamas or the Palestinians. Yes, they support them, but they never took major steps to solve this problem and chose to act as a middleman between Israel and Palestine.

Unfortunately, it is not a realistic solution. The only way for that to happen is through pressure from the international community and the will of the Egyptians. Very, very not likely, but it’s an option.

Final word

To sum up, the horrible things that happened in Israel by the Hamas and their supporters are unforgivable. In the words of Joe Biden, there is a moral code for a war. Once you lose that, you have no justification to claim for a sovereign recognized state by other nations. You have no legitimacy and those who cannot understand that become instant enemies.

A widespread misconception is that the Palestinian issue is a problem of Israel, and its responsibility is to solve it. Right now, Palestine is not only a problem for Israel but a problem for every country around the world. Not only that, but Hamas is also a major obstacle for Palestinians who live in the Gaza Strip.

Yes, the feeling for all is that it’s now or never. And even though people who are not part of Israel and Palestine have their opinions, they must educate themself before speaking up. So many people in the Gaza Strip are against Hamas, and those who live in the West Bank prefer to be part of Israel rather than be under the control of the Palestinian Authority. It’s definitely sad for them. At the same time, that’s their opportunity to say no more and start what they started 50 years ago. To build a country. A developed one with education, social care, health system, and equality. Then, no one will occupy the Palestinians because the truth is that no one wants to occupy the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

If you are not sure about that, ask Jordan and Egypt why they don’t reclaim these lands.

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