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Back in the days, things were quite old-school with phone booths. The internet wasn’t as developed as it is now and managing a relationship was much easier. Currently, everything is shifting online. From learning to working, all these activities need an internet connection. And, what is a better way to do them than using smartphones?

Well, they made communication so simple, and the hassle of queuing at the phone booth is no longer a thing. You can personalize a smartphone to give you the kind of satisfaction that you need. From mobile applications, social media, themes, and wallpapers to keeping up with your beauty through the camera, etc. But how should we use these devices properly? And how smartphones actually affecting your relationship?

When to use your smartphone?

You can use your phone – anywhere, anytime. No one is against that. I mean, if you need a quick lunch or a curb, why shouldn’t you make good use of your smartphone. Maybe you need direction to a new place, or you rock in this new outfit; why shouldn’t you use the maps and camera? Something funny is going on nearby – film it! If you want to check up on the best dating sites review, your smartphone will definitely come through.

Smartphones are great devices if only they are put to good use. And to be frank, everything is good about it. But that’s not why we are here. Let me ask you a simple question, how many times do you check on your phone in a day? What level of anxiety do you have when you find out that you misplaced your smartphone?

Well, probably you know where this is heading to, so let’s get on to it.

What is smartphone addiction?

Smartphone addiction is the overuse of your device that results in dependency. You probably have a lot of information in your phone – some secrets maybe – that makes you ever glued to that screen. According to Dr. James A. Roberts, a typical American checks their phone about 150 times a day. That’s roughly every 7 minutes, which already feels like slavery.

However, it’s not that bad. Some are security personnel on the lookout. Some are doing business trying to track the foreign exchange market, get an email from a client, or even try to book a flight from their smartphones. But is this the same way that you should be when you get home? Do you use your phone as much when your partner is around? How would they feel if you would pay more attention to the Instagram stories, a new post by a celebrity, or Twitter highlights than to them?

How do smartphones affect your relationship?

How do smartphones affect your relationship?That’s the big question. You probably know that time is the best resource that you can bring in, in a relationship. The candle-lit dinner, massage session, random conversations, making plans, vacations – you name it! The time you are spending with your partner is meant to be precious because it’s an opportunity for further bonding and growth. But apparently, smartphone addiction effects come in the way of that.

How would it feel if you got early from work or took a leave to be with your babe, but they are so busy on their smartphones during the whole meeting? Quite annoying, right? You’re there trying to crack a joke or trying to involve them in something, but they are busy on their keyboard. At first, you won’t mind a quick look out at the time or any update. However, when it is too much, it becomes a problem, and it’s a sign of a smartphone addiction background.

Are they cheating on me? Who are they talking to? What’s that more important than our relationship? Are they doing this right now? Can’t they notice that I’m trying to say something important?” These are some of the questions that run into your mind when you are in such a situation.


There’s a clear connection between smartphone addiction and loneliness, as many people tend to say, “My phone is my life.” Some people experience smartphone addiction depression when they put their devices off. That shows you the level of dependency that you have with your device. So how should you save your relationship from the sharp jaws of smartphones?

  1. Please discuss this with your partner and let them know how you feel about them using their phones.
  2. Express your desire to spend more time with your partner.
  3. Learn why your partner is always on the phone.
  4. If you are the guilty party, try and put your phone away when you are with your partner.
  5. Try and figure out a proper way to spend time. Methods that do not give room for your phone to affect your relationship.


There is a definite relation between smartphone addiction and mental health. As good as these devices are, many relationships are hanging in the line because of smartphone addiction. It would be best if you valued the time you spent with your partner and left your phone aside during that period. It will be worth it.

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Miranda Davis is a freelance writer in the relation and psychology area. Miranda is interested in such topics as building healthy relationships between people, love/sex compatibility, and how to find the right balance in life in general. She is currently doing specific research on the topic. Miranda loves cooking and long-distance walking.

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