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Here’s the thing, I’m a huge fan of Lofi and Jazz hop music. This new type of music is perfect for so many situations in life when you don’t when to hear vocal songs – even if it’s your favorite singer or band. But, Lofi and Jazz hop music is a bit different in the form you consume it. Typically, you need to find playlists and mixes you like on YouTube and other social music platforms.

The thing with Lofi and Jazz hop music is that every playlist has a different vibe and theme. You can, therefore, find hundreds of playlists and mixes online and over the last years, Lofi music is literally booming.

And, finding a good mix is sometimes a challenge. So, here are some of my personal best Lofi and Jazz hop/Urban Jazz/neo-soul playlists and mixes on various music social platforms. Obviously, it is a matter of taste so if you have any suggestions, you are more than welcome to contact us and offer more playlists.

Raining in Osaka – The bootleg boy

Manhattan Jazz Hop – Fantastic

Reminisce… – The Jazz Hop Cafe

The Best of Modern Urban Jazz

Night lullaby – Dreamy

Mellow Beat – Spotify

Lofi Jazz Hop Study Focus Sleep – Spotify

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