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Have you been wondering how to keep your gutters clean through all seasons? The truth is, not many people like the idea of gutter cleaning, but several tips will help you keep your roofing intact and let your gutter water flow with or without gutter guards. These tips will keep your gutter clean and intact all year round.

Get your hands dirty
Manual cleaning of gutters, including pulling out twigs and leaves after a storm, is necessary. When your gutter is well maintained, it prevents the possibility of long-term destruction, which can be expensive to repair or replace.

Seek help
Whenever you take up the gutter cleaning task, get a family member or a friend to help. Due to gutter cleaning’s hazardous nature, it is vital to have an extra pair of hands to hold your ladder or pass tools.

Have a cleaning schedule
For a compound with fewer trees, cleaning the gutters twice a year is sufficient. If your house has trees hanging over the roof, it is crucial to clean the gutters four to six times a year.

Cover and guard your gutters
Covering the gutters prevents twigs and other debris from getting into the gutter, thereby preventing expensive blockages. These guards and covers come in many designs, from extensive and costly covers to smaller and cheaper covers and guards.

Clean the gutter with water
One of the easiest ways of cleaning out gutters is by use of water pressure. The pressure blasts the debris down the gutter to the edge, where it gets flushed. Ensure the water pressure gets minimized to prevent breakage from the water pressure.

Use a vacuum cleaner
When choosing a vacuum cleaner to suck up the debris, make sure it has the required gutter cleaning kit. This cleaning kit has a larger opening than the others to allow larger twigs to get sucked in without the risk of clogging the vacuum mouth.

Use a blower
The advantage of using a blower to clean out a clogged gutter is that it can eliminate the need for a ladder since most have long extensions. The most used blowers for gutter cleaning are leaf blowers. Blowers with angled tubes make it easy to clean gutters with covers fitted since their noses can get into the gutter corners.

Use the right tools
Since cleaning the gutters can be dangerous to you and your family members, it is essential to use high-quality tools such as good ladders. Other important tools include eye-protecting shades, gloves, and a gutter scoop. These tools help you carry out a neat job and keep you safe.

Trim the branches hanging over your roof
Prevention is the best cure. It is vital to trim the branches or cut down trees close to the roofline. During storms or strong winds, these trees drop twigs and leaves on your roof, then washed to your gutter, causing blockages. To make things easier, it’s highly recommended to use a professional tree trimming service to keep your gutter clean and avoid any risks.

Always inspect your gutter
Despite having a cleaning schedule, note that during different seasons, gutters can get clogged faster. Always check your gutter’s condition and correct any breakage or loose screws. This helps save on the cost of replacement and repairs in the long run.

Whenever you undertake a gutter cleaning exercise, always ensure your safety by using protective gear for your eyes and hands.

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