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The internet has changed the way people live. Almost everything became available online—work, shopping, making friends, and, naturally, dating. There are various dating apps and platforms to help people find a soulmate online. It’s no wonder that 59% of Americans believe online dating is a great way to meet someone.

Online dating is more convenient

When all you need is a mouse click away, it’s only natural to explore more. With dating apps, people have become more approachable and are willing to experiment. Users of online dating platforms can quickly figure out whether a person is the right fit for them.

In case they find a match and start communicating, chances are they’ll meet in person. Even though that doesn’t mean they will end up together, they’re willing to take a shot. As it turns out, online dating is sometimes more successful than traditional dating.

AR and VR in online dating

AR has been around for a while in the form of Snapchat filters, and it showcased its potential with Pokemon Go. It also has the power to improve the online dating experience. Future AR dating apps will most likely combine physical reality with people’s online accounts and offer more options for meeting others.   

There have been some unsuccessful attempts to develop this type of app. It’s not that easy to create an AR world, but it’s only a matter of time when online dating giants such as Tinder will take the wheel and create a unique augmented reality platform for its users.

Since people continuously seek deeper connections, the use of virtual reality is another way to date. VR dating can be a more intense experience for those involved. This form of dating is still on the rise, and there are some obstacles to overcome to be able to use all five senses in the virtual world.

For now, people have VR games to enjoy and meet others. The equipment to use VR technology is still being developed and is not widely available. Some companies offer VR sets that can be rented, but it’s unknown whether these work in every VR environment.

At present, some of the most well-known VR dating apps include VRLFP, VRChat, and Oculus Rift Fall in Love.

Cybersex is safe

There are many people out there who prefer to use the online space for sexting and similar activities. This is especially useful to those in long-distance relationships, couples who need to abstain from sex, or individuals looking to explore their fetishes safely.

Since cybersex is virtual, it’s usually safe to practice. There’s no risk of STDs or pregnancy. If proper hygiene is maintained and private information is well protected, the worst-case scenario is a bigger phone bill.

What are the downsides?

People tend to create online personas. As such, these personas can be misleading to others. When two people finally meet offline, they simply don’t click.

Catfishing is another common issue among users of dating apps. It’s similar to creating online personas, but it goes a step further. Catfishers post fake photos on their profile, pretending to be someone else. These people almost never agree to meet in person or make video calls.

Some users try to deal with their sexual addiction online. They don’t understand that visiting the adult chatrooms only pushes them deeper into their addictive behavior. Once they realize how much freedom they have on these platforms, they indulge in online fantasies and lose touch with the real world.

The online dating world is full of scammers. The worst part is that scammers are always looking for new ways to get what they want. They do their best to make their profile look real. Those who get tricked might send personal information or intimate photos that can be used for blackmail.


Online dating is an excellent way of exploring the wonders of the internet. Today, many apps connect people, including the first AR dating apps. While cyber sex is safe and exciting, there are some downsides. Catfishers and scammers are just around the corner. Still, the online dating industry is growing, and it’s only a matter of time when humanity will take the next step.

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