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In recent years, the use of cannabis worldwide has become legitimate and beneficial for patients and consumers. With the increasing popularity and legislation of cannabis around the globe, consumers, as well as researchers, are interested in new technology and devices that can improve their cannabis experience and maximize the qualities of the plant.

GemmaCert develops and analyses analytical cannabis-testing technology for professional and home use and recently launched a new product that can measure the THC and CBD levels in the cannabis plant in a process that takes one minute without harming the plant.

The product can be used for medical purposes as well as for retail consumers although the price is a bit expensive for the ordinary cannabis user.  GemmaCert Device

GemmaCert has a unique device which eventually delivers the results to the GemmaCert phone app. The product can definitely be a pioneer in the industry to evaluate the compounds in the cannabis plant and as a result, improve the use and the benefits of cannabis.

Another product that evaluates plant’s compounds (not particularly cannabis), is the HiGrade kit which also provides a general analysis of the THC and CBD levels. The HiGrade kit can offer you a great analysis of the flower, however, not on the same depth and accuracy as the GemmaCert device.

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