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The question of which is better for gaming between a Mac and a PC has been a long-standing one. It is also unlikely to go away anytime soon. Both platforms are, of course, great but they do have some key differences such as price, display, processing capabilities and so on.

Today, we shall try to quantify such differences for you so that next time you are out buying a gaming device, you shall be informed of the choice that you are about to make.


When building your “ultimate” gaming computer, you are most likely to be looking for what will provide the best experience for the least amount. Apple is without a doubt more expensive on this front as the hardware comes at a premium.

But with a PC, you will get a better gaming computer for a lesser amount because there are so many manufacturers of PCs out there, while Apple is the only manufacturer of the Mac. At the same time, Apple tries to sell its products at a premium because when buying from them, you are also buying a brand. The same may be true for the PC but to a lesser extent.

Winner: PC


For people living in the US, or some other well-off country, the matter of availability is a non-issue, but we all know that it is easier to get your hands on a PC than on a Mac on most parts of the world. 

Windows computers, after all, dominate the computer sales market. They are cheap, compatible with most software, and are comparatively easier to use than their macOS counterparts.

That said, Macs are way easier to buy than PCs when available. This is because only Apple makes Macs, while there are so many manufacturers and vendors of PCs that the average consumer will most likely get confused if they ever choose to go the PC way. They will have to decide between HP, ASUS, Samsung, Dell and countless many more, a process that is if anything, exhausting. 

Winner: Tie

Maintenance and Support

If you ave ever typed “error code mac” on Google or require some kind of help with your PC, you must have wondered which is easier to maintain and repair between a PC and a Mac. The simple answer is that it all depends, but without a doubt, macOS devices face far fewer threats from malware than PCs. This has something to do with the fact that most potential victims of attacks are using PCs which makes developing threats against the PC a more lucrative business than concentrating on macOS devices. Not to mention, the fact that there are so many manufacturers of Windows devices adds the number of potential vulnerabilities.

Thus, if you choose the Mac over the PC, expect fewer Mac error codes compared to Windows errors. But because the Windows platform is more popular, you are likely to encounter more Windows error solutions given the list of Mac errors being smaller in comparison.

Winner: macOS

Games Availability

Windows is the first choice for the gaming community, both for developers and users. That means that there are more games for the PC than there are on the Mac platform. That said, it doesn’t imply that there are more quality games for PC players than on the Mac. But availability does make a difference, however. You are likely to encounter an exciting new title on the PC before you see it on the Mac. At the same time, PC games get updated more often.

You should also consider that one of the world’s most popular gaming platforms i.e. Xbox is available on the Windows platform. It is an edge in gaming that Apple is yet to match.

Winner: PC


Apple’s ecosystem is hard to beat as it is far easier to integrate iPhones, iPads, Apple Watch, Apple TV and so on with your Mac computer compared to the PC. This is because Apple manufactures all these devices.

Then again, the Windows platform is also taking steps to make sure that more devices are compatible with it. Android simulators, for instance, make it possible for Windows users to play Android games. 

Winner: macOS


The most beautiful displays on a computer are available only to Mac users. This is because compared to other manufacturers, Apple likes to focus on building the best product possible. They even use their hardware and inbuilt chipsets.

This is not to say that you cannot get the same level of quality with PCs, but you would have to search among hundreds of manufacturers. With Apple, the process is much more efficient.

Winner: macOS

You can run Windows on a Mac

On the macOS platform, you can have it both ways by running Windows, but the same is not true for PCs. macOS only runs on Apple devices and nothing more. That means macOS is at least better at making more gaming assets and options available to gamers than Windows.

Winner: macOS

And that ends our discussion on which between the Mac and the PC is better for gaming. Be sure to check out for more info on the Windows and macOS platforms. Topics covered in the blog include common Mac error codes, PC tips and tricks, and so much more.

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