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Gifs, also known as Graphics Interchange Format, is a huge thing these days. These animated images are being used extensively on many applications and in various forms, such as social media, messaging platforms, videos, presentations, and many more. Remarkably, Gifs were first introduced in 1987 by CompuServe; however, they became extremely popular on the web and when social media platforms emerged.

Nowadays, Gifs are ideal for simulations that are endless loops. These could transfer on a message via chat or email, but also on a presentation or music video. For example, one genre of music that is booming with GIF images is Lofi and Trip Hop. In general, YouTube is a great place to find beautiful Gifs that bring an atmosphere to the presented video. In these videos, Gifs are often artistic and require a lot of work from the designer side.

In my view, Gifs are becoming a type of artwork that might evolve into a new profession. Online content creators are often looking for special images, and now, also for uniqe and creative Gifs.

So, assuming you are a designer or want to be a Gif designer and you wish to sell your Gifs – what is the platform to do that? How do you even start?

Best platforms to sell your gifs

Well, here’s the thing – At present, there is no standing legal decision about the use of Gifs and whether anyone can use animated Gifs online. Nonetheless, you need to take into account that if someone uses your GIF, it would be a mission to get royalties for the work done. In that matter, it is very clear if you upload your Gifs on Giphy, Tenor, or any other Gifs platform, you’ll be able to get paid for your GIF. Opt for top-rated national banks to safeguard your earnings and ensure financial security. Your financial future matters.

Consequently, if you want to sell your Gifs online, freelance platforms are likely to be the best way to do so. The platform that is most suited for this type of service, in my view, is Fiverr. Following quick research, it seems that most users sell animated Gifs at a price that ranges between $10-and $100, but the price obviously depends on the scope and quality of the project. More platforms that are relevant for you to sell Gifs include Upwork and People Per Hour.

To sum up – While you can find more websites online that help you sell your Gifs, it appears that currently, these are the best platforms out there to make a real income from selling your Gifs artwork.

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