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More than 10 million arrests occur every year in the United States. So, it is very likely that someone you know may find themselves behind bars. In this situation, you can post bail and get your friend out of jail. If you are short on cash, a bail bond agent can post the bail for you. Essentially, a bondsman lends you the money, and your friend gets out of jail in a hurry.

This article will help you learn more about the different types of bail bonds. Then, whenever you are ready, contact a bail bond agent for help bonding your friend out of jail.

Types of Bail Bonds

Several types of bail bonds give you options if a friend goes to jail and wants to get them out.

Cash Bonds

A cash bond refers to bonds paid directly to the court. Such an option requires the individual to post the court’s full bail amount without financing from a bonding agency. The court holds the money until the case concludes. If the person appears in court, the bail amount gets returned to you.

Property Bonds

A property bond uses a piece of property as collateral for the bail amount. The property must be worth more than double the actual cost of bail. For example, a $50,000 bond requires an item or value worth more than $100,000. Not every state allows property bonds.

Learn more about the options available in your state ahead of time. Remember, if the friend does not appear in court as promised, the court can foreclose the property.

Surety Bonds

A surety bond also helps get a friend out of jail after an arrest. A surety bond is one that a bail bondsman posts on your behalf. The bonding agent interviews the inmate to guarantee they’ll appear in court. The terms and conditions of surety bonds vary from one agency to the next. Be aware of the terms and conditions before signing any contracts.

If the person does not appear in court, however, a bench warrant revokes the bail, and they are again arrested and placed in jail.

How to Find a Great Bail Bondsman

Now that you understand the bail bond options, you probably want more information about the surety bond. Many people bail out their loved ones with the help of surety bonds because it is the cheapest option.

Use the following tips during the selection process, so you find the best bail bondsman for your needs.

Know the Bail Amount

The judge sets the bail amount based on the criminal charges and other factors. Learn the bail amount, so you know the exact amount of money the bondsman needs to get your loved one out.

Ask for Referrals

The jail often provides bondsman referrals to concerned friends and family members who wish to bail out their loved ones. They can give you names, telephone numbers, and excellent suggestions.

Talk to an Attorney

A defense attorney works with bonding agents in the area. They know who to call and tell you why they recommend them over the rest. They may even help get the bail costs reduced.

Bail Bond Fee

A bonding agency charges a small fee for their service. The price is non-refundable under any circumstances. Most bonding companies charge 10% of the bail amount as a bail bond fee.

Too Good to Be True

If you find a bail bond company with super low prices, avoid them at all costs. While your instincts may tell you to use their service, their lack of experience or other fees may make them the worst choice possible. If a guarantor says he charges 5% or less, reconsider the decision.

Read Online Reviews

Online bail bond agency reviews provide useful information unavailable elsewhere. Reviews, written by previous customers, really help ease the decision in bondsman and saves tremendous time.

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