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For most people, the first connotation when they hear ‘GPS chip tracker’ is a negative one. Obviously, the notion of losing our privacy and, in that case, sharing our location without our full consent creates the rejection of these products. Chip trackers can be used in a bad way that harms other individuals or corporations but, as a matter of fact, they can also be very useful. Nowadays, the fact that anyone can easily purchase a GPS chip tracker obligates us to form moral codes to use it without any harm to other people.

In this article, we are referring to a GPS chip tracker (a tiny physical microchip that is usually connected to the GPS in your mobile phone or another GPS device) and not microchips inside the human body.

The good

The truth is that we all carry a chip tracker on our phones. All the apps and services companies that are part of your mobile phone follow your location, behavior, and, occasionally, actions. For some reason, we are unwilling to accept any other idea of tracking our location. You will most likely reject any other product that includes a tracking system. For example, a clothing item that can track your movement similar to Tommy Hilfiger smart clothing project.

So, you might oppose using a tracking device to monitor your location and behavior, but the ability to use a chip tracker for other purposes might change your opinion. Here are some of the most effective uses of GPS chip tracker:

  1. GPS tracker to recover stolen property
  2. Use Tracking Devices for Dementia Patients
  3. Tracking Animals
  4. Tracking Humans In Dangerous Situations – Hiking, traveling, extreme sports, boats and sea, people under threats, elderly people, babies, and children.
  5. Preventing Crime and Terror – Track down crime and terror suspects.

The bad

Stating the obvious, no one wants to be tracked down by any governmental authority, corporations or individuals, although there are people that are willing to pay the price of being tracked as they feel safer with the big brother surveillance.

While there are some positive uses for a chip tracker, other uses can be quite scary:

  1. Tracking a partner or a romantically involved person.
  2. Tracking children and teenagers.
  3. Tracking devices can change natural human social behavior.
  4. Can create security issues – Unauthorized devices can read, change, and take control over the chip.
  5. Privacy – An invasive technology.

Got it; it’s not that bad, but please, do not use a GPS tracker to track me

We can not deny that there are some benefits of using a microchip tracker. The list above can convince us that there are some helpful uses for a chip tracker.

Yet, regulation and law enforcement are yet to be completed, creating a grey zone area of what is legal or illegal. The invasion of an individual’s privacy takes us away from our simple way of being, creating a complex and unnatural social behavior.

GPS chip trackers are growing popular technology. People must have wider knowledge before taking a decision on whether to use it or not, how to use it and how to be aware of being tracked by others without an agreement.

The thing with tracking devices – they reflect our hypocrisy. Most of us would love to use a tracking device for the better and worst reasons – tracking our elderly parents, children, property and our partner. However, no one would feel comfortable being under the surveillance of a tracking device in order to discover the truth.

Perhaps tracking devices will change us to be more… honest. Think about it.

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