Top 5 Travel Suitcases with Remote Control in 2019

Top 5 Travel Luggages with Remote Control in 2019
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Life these days is about making things easier for you. It involves using lesser effort to get maximum results. Who would have thought that you can now take cheap flights from Charlotte, for example, or any other city in the United States while enjoying the same benefits you enjoy when booking a flight through a travel agent. The idea of booking cheap flights online is just one example of a minimum effort to get maximum results.

Let us not forget that something has to give way or do the extra work and technology is the answer. While you as a human being is happy that you no longer have to keep watch over your kids, that nanny cam needs to be working properly and round the clock.

A very good example of using minimum efforts to achieve maximum results is the use of traveling luggage with remote control. Instead of dragging your luggage about, you control it to follow you. These suitcases have a sensor installed in them which enables the remote to control them. People are already embracing them as they make traveling more convenient. If you are considering buying one for yourself, here are my choices of the top five travel luggage with remote control in 2019.

Cowarobot R1

This is some very intelligent suitcase. It has the following about a feature like most smart suitcases and has a battery that will last for as long as 12 hours. The battery can also double as a power bank for your mobile devices. Its inbuilt sensor ensures that it does not bump into obstacles or come tumbling down a flight of stairs. It can locate and track you when lost using its GPS system.

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TravelMate Robotics

Travel mate Suitcase features artificial intelligence and ergonomic handles. Travel mate has a removable 5V Lithium-ion battery that can last for four hours of constant use or 100 hours in standby. The battery also recharges very quickly and you can use it to recharge other devices via a USB port. This suitcase also has a speaker installed in it that will inform you of any obstacle in its way. It can move either vertically or horizontally. You can also use it to carry additional luggage.

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90Fun Puppy 1

Just like a good and obedient puppy, you can be sure that this suitcase will follow you around. This suitcase comes with just two wheels and this means it can only move vertically. However, its auto-balancing feature ensures it stays upright as it moves. It has a flexible screen that flashes the crying or alarm emoji to inform the owner that the power is low.

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Primo Passi

Let us talk about technology for kids. If adults who naturally have a sense of responsibility try to avoid stress, you should be certain kids will avoid it twice as much. Unlike most remote suitcases, this one is more children friendly. It exciting zebra color makes it fun for kids to use. Your kids can control it with the aid of a remote. It has an inner case is covered in silk and has multiple compartments to ensure that their belongings are safe. It hard and waterproof shell is also there to protect the toys of your kids. It is also lightweight so you do not have to worry about your kids being able to use it.

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ForwardX CX-1

You can say I saved the best for last. This suitcase is a combination of face recognition, proximity sensor amongst other forms of artificial intelligence. While most suitcases follow you around, very few can locate you when you get lost. The CX-1 is one of them. It comes with a wristband that you have to wear. This will help it locate you when you are out of the line of sight of the camera located on the suitcase.

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Virtually all of these suitcases can double as carryon luggage with handles. This makes it for you to carry them along even when the battery is down. With their handles, you can easily drag them around as you move.

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