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CBD oil has shown potential benefits to treat a wide range of medical conditions. The presence of therapeutic properties in CBD helps it to become the trending ingredient of this century. After its legalization in various nations, there is a sudden surge in the popularity of CBD. The demand for CBD infused products for medical and recreational use has increased a manifold. And so do the rise of innumerable CBD manufacturers.

Multiple producers are offering their CBD products through standalone stores as well as online portals. These products can vary from edibles to oil and vapes and also include weed for sale.

As today several options are available with the consumers, it is tough for them to decide upon which brand is the most trusted. Here is the list of 5 such brands of CBD oil that have earned a good reputation and exceptional reviews over time and have satisfied their customers with their quality product.

Top 5 Cannabis CBD Companies in 2020

Verma farms

VeramFarm logo

Situated in Maui, their Cannabis has a Hawaiian touch. They grow natural Sativa plants that are entirely free from THC and are loaded with nutrients. Their products are purely organic, free from pesticides and other harmful chemicals. Verma farm uses the CO2 method of extraction of CBD from Marijana. This method is one of the most reliable and safe as there is no use of any preservatives. The CBD oil manufactured by Verma Farms is highly appreciated for its most exceptional flavors. The available flavors are Mint, Lemon Lime, and Natural. These varieties are combined to make a handy CBD oil kit for daily usage. The kit is arranged in a manner so that it fulfills the specific requirements of the customers. Chill oil (Mint) is meant for reducing stress and promoting a proper sleep cycle, the Focus oil( Lemon) enhances alertness. In contrast, the Boost oil(Natural) increases the energy level of the body. The points that add to their merits are strict rules and regulations followed by the manufactures and laboratory tests results of organic procurement of CBD oil as mentioned on their website.

Verma Farms is recognized as the best CBD Oil brand by Forbes acquiring the number 1 slot in the list.

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NuLeaf Naturals

NuLeaf Naturals logoThis is a full-spectrum CBD oil available at the Canada weed dispensary which incorporates healthy cannabinoids, terpenes, essential oil, vitamins, and other nutrients. Cultivated in the farms in Colorado, this oil is organic and contains no additives, preservatives, and emulsifiers. They offer laboratory-tested whole plant-extract and oils, which are organically sourced and retain the actual genetic properties of the hemp. For extraction of nutrients, this firm uses a CO2 method that produces less pollution and ensures a safe product. Therefore, the resultant product is equally consistent and efficient and possesses an unmatched quality. The factors that differentiate NuLeaf with other similar products are its natural taste and the use of high-grade hemp extract for pets.

NuLeaf is recognized as one of ‘America’s top pioneering Hemp companies’ as mentioned on their website.

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Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte's Web LogoCharlotte’s Web is based in Colorado, and this manufacturer sells CBD oil that is beneficial for many medical ailments like muscle soreness, inflammation, etc. This company is completely customer-centric and promotes whole plant wellness, as described on its website. It provides a satisfactory online store experience to its customers and educates its customer base with stories, assistance, and advice. Charlotte’s Web encourages the Reward and the Veteran Programs to acquire, engage, and retain their customers, besides their primary focus on quality. Their CBD oil is available in various flavors like mint, chocolate, orange blossom, lemon twist, and olive oil. What makes Charlottes’ outstanding is the strength mentioned on the site for different consumers according to their needs. The consumer can even see the Certificate of Analysis, which one can find by the batch number mentioned on the product label.

Charlotte’s Web has gained a Remedy Review Seal of approval for its quality products, and it topped the list of best CBD oil brands on the website

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Spruce LogoSpruce farms are located in Kentucky, and North Carolina and their shipping are only extended within the US. Like other quality CBD oil Spruce has zero levels of contamination and did not violate any legal standards. Therefore, each product goes through independent lab testing. Spruce CBD oil consists of healthy cannabinoids and dosage are mentioned to tap the full benefits of the same. Unlike other similar products, the extraction method used is Alcohol-based, which, according to the manufacturers, assure reliability and purity. Also, the products are a bit costlier than their alternatives, but the quality is guaranteed.

According to the Remedy Review website, Spruce is the most potent CBD oil available.

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Kanibi logoLocated in Utah, this CBD oil is sourced from the cleanest PCR hemp available. The products are entirely gluten-free, with no harsh chemicals or preservatives used for their procurement. Kanibi is organically grown that’s why they are safe and have high potency levels. From production to extraction and purification, Kanibib follows expert services and GMP manufacturing practices for quality products and zero artificial colors. This is a full-spectrum oil with double third party lab tests products and is found in two distinct flavors like Choco Mint and Lemon Lime. What makes them special is their pocket-friendly products which are the best for pain-relieving.

Best choice Reviews has awarded its 1st position to Kanibi being the best available arthritis and the joint pain relieving CBD oil.

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Bottom line

Although all CBD oil mentioned above are best in their domains and have gained immense popularity because of their quality and underlying benefits, it should be noted that there are many similar brands that have almost matched these standards.

A consumer should always remember that the best CBD oil may not be the most effective one and there are various factors to consider before you choose a CBD oil. The first being is specifying the right problem for which the CBD oil should be taken. It would determine to pick up the right extract, that is, full-spectrum, broad-spectrum or isolates as each extract has a different remedial value. Choosing the correct dose as per instructions is also very necessary for getting the best results.

The consumer should also check the lab-tests reports to know the legality and purity of the product. And if one is already under medications, it is recommended to take the advice of a medical practitioner before having CBD.

So, next time while shopping for a CBD oil, consider the best brands, perfect potency, and huge benefits that save your health and pocket as well.

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