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Traffic is a great indicator of websites’ popularity as it essentially tells you how many visitors enter the site every month of the year. While music sites are not really that big compared to other social networking sites in terms of traffic, they are still among the most visited sites online.

The list includes music streaming platforms, online music shops, radio stations, blogs, and more. You might be surprised by the list below as sites like and are extremely popular and generate more traffic than some of the most famous music sites.  Spotify, of course, is at the top of the list and remains the most popular music site as of 2020. 

Here are the top 15 music sites based on traffic as derived from SimilarWeb which is the leading traffic ranking site in the world.

  1. Spotify – The United States, digital music service, 241.70M visits per month
  2. SoundCloud – The United States, music and podcast streaming platform, 170.88M visits per month
  3. ytmp3 – The United States, YouTube to MP3 converter, 114.58M visits per month
  4. – The United States, National Public Radio/music, radio, podcasts, 99.34M, etc.
  5. – The United States, the biggest collection of song lyrics and musical knowledge, 81.89M visits per month
  6. – The Philippines, a popular and free mp3 music search engine and tool, 80M visits per month
  7. – The United States, a content-aggregating video blog, 59.17M visits per month
  8. – The United States, guitarist community website, 54.35M visits per month
  9. – Russia, a music streaming service, 49.99M visits per month
  10. – The United States, music database and marketplace, 45.07M visits per month 
  11. – Brazil, online music platform, 42.45M visits per month
  12. – China, music sharing platform, 40.05M visits per month
  13. – The United States, an online music store as well as a platform for artist promotion, 29.30M visits per month
  14. – The United States, a music website, 22.34M visits per month
  15. – Germany, a retailer of musical instruments, studio, lighting, and pro-audio equipment, 18.98M visits per month

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