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Your hands are already sore from writing code? TabNine can be implemented in any code editor and understands exactly what the next line you want and should write.

A new tool called TabNine uses artificial intelligence and Deep Learning to shorten processes and predict the next line of coding you want to type. Yes, a bit like the Smart Compose and your favorite jazz-autocomplete features or your keyboard on the smartphone.

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Interfaces with existing Code editors

The model behind TabNine is based on the GPT-2 of OpenAI, a natural language processing model that is trained on more than 2 million records from the open-source GitHub code platform. The advantage of this tool is that once you add it to your code editor, it has already completed its data. However, in the course of use, it will improve and teach you how to code faster, but the idea is that you will not have to give the autocomplete tool time until it can actually complete your coding language.

According to the key behind TabNine, this is not a technology we have yet to see, but – the software they developed better because it works on a forecast basis. That is, while most of the automatic code that exists today in the market must first analyze what the user wrote in order to offer the next step, TabNine relies on machine learning, prediction, and analysis, in order to find statistical patterns, according to many records it has already analyzed. With the AI, the model looks and analyzes the syntax coding, to identify when you refer to an object, and when you refer to a list of things (app. Get_user versus App. Get_users).

Another advantage of the tool is that it supports more than 20 different languages including Python, JavaScript, Java, PHP, Ruby, Scala, Kotlin, SQL, HTML, CSS, and + C.

In order to make your programming a little more faster and convenient, TabNine operates in a Beta version and the ‘Freemium model’ which includes an option for refund.

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