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Podcasting is an exciting and simple phenomenon for beginners, however, starters need to understand the basic definition of a podcast. Many people are unaware of the term when it comes to starting or listening to a podcast.

According to PodcastInsights, a podcast is a portmanteau of iPod and broadcast. It is a downloadable audio file available on the worldwide web. One can install it on their mobile devices or computers in the form of a series or multiple installments.

Starting a podcast involves no rocket science. It is quick and straightforward. Nonetheless, there is a set of rules every podcaster must follow.

How to Start a Podcast?

Before you start your audio broadcast, focus on the most necessary of all steps – planning. It is essential to plan your podcast for coming up with a professional one. You must know the reason and idea for beginning a successful podcast.

Interestingly, not everyone is trying to do this job; therefore, you may find less competition in the field. Your prime focus must be on the content you will share as it is popular among all age groups. As per Oberlo, 51% of people in the US listen to podcasts.

Start With a Name

Firstly, focus on the name of your podcast. It depends on the topic of your podcast. Therefore, know the reason for creating an audio content file and share it with the audience. Your name can be either descriptive, creative, or personal.

A personal broadcast name is preferable when your broadcast will revolve around you. For example, an own-brand or hosting a show is your goal. You may prefer a descriptive name if you have been targeting a category or niches like a fitness guide to exercises or skincare.

Similarly, an original name will define a podcast that has unique content. An artist individual or one who is about to share hacks and tricks may prefer such a name.

Create Intro and Outro Music

The intro and outro music plays a significant role in a podcast. It is necessary to find an excellent platform for creating it. Most often, individuals find experts or take help from experienced ones in the field for deciding it. Otherwise, you can look for a music sample platform and create your own music.

Find Authentic Podcasting Equipment

In the current era, it is crucial to buy a podcasting gear kit. Besides a good quality laptop, you need some more tools for starting an audio broadcast.

  • Microphone
  • Headphones
  • Audio interface
  • Mixer
  • Mic stands

These are some necessary tools you require for podcasting. Remember, if you are podcasting from a mobile device, prefer an SD card and a digital recorder too. To find a good camera and a solid microphone, we suggest reading our guide How to Record Music Videos on a Small Budget?

Get a Good-Quality Software

For podcasting, the software is the most important of all things you require. There is plenty of podcast recording software that you can consider. You can find different apps for recording a podcast on your mobile phone and computer.

After finalizing a podcast recording software, look for a podcast hosting service. It is the right platform that provides you with an official RSS URL for publishing your podcast. By using it, you can quickly post your broadcast on iTunes, Sticher, Google Podcasts, and similar channels.

Record Your Podcast and On the Go

Soon after you have all these steps done, you can start recording your first podcast. It is not difficult to do it alone or with a co-host. You can always create a better broadcast with experience. Nonetheless, another necessary step for podcasting is an advertisement.

Nothing but an effective marketing strategy will bring you audience and gather traffic. There is a long list of dos and don’ts for promoting your podcast. You can look forward to these and enjoy it as a podcaster now! If you are keen to learn more about starting a podcast, you can take an online course at John Academy or Udemy. Or even better, check this free online podcast course on YouTube.

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