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How to Invest in Artificial Intelligence (AI) Stocks and Startups?

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Artificial intelligence is the use of computers to create intelligent machines for humans activities. Artificial intelligence can be used in many ways with the most common applications in use include Siri, Alexa, Netflix, Amazon, Pandora, autonomous cars, and Google assistant.

Although the first use of artificial intelligence was back in 1955 by Newell and Simon who created the Logic Theorist AI program and was first acknowledged by John McCarthy who invented the term artificial intelligence, AI technology has made significant progress in recent years to the point of becoming a mainstream discussion, common knowledge, and a lucrative investment.

The contribution of artificial intelligence to our daily life will grow with time – companies will evolve and develop their products and services with AI machines and software. For those who are interested to invest in Artificial intelligence stocks, there are companies that that top the industry of this technology. In this article, we will list the best corporations that use artificial intelligence technology as well as AI startup companies.

Best Artificial Intelligence stocks

The stocks below are blue-chip companies and are affected by other factors other than the use and development of artificial intelligence (economy status, technology advancements, etc). Therefore, these stocks are suggested as long term investments.

Alphabet (GOOG)

You probably know this company, a small company with high potential. Alphabet embraces artificial intelligence technology in many of its products. First, Google actually has a division dedicated to artificial intelligence research – Google AI. The company also integrated AI in many of its products: Google assistant, Google Maps, Google Photos, Gmail, Google Drive, Google AdSense, and of course Google’s autonomous car by Waymo.


Netflix has a unique AI algorithm to match each individual’s preferences. I always hear comments from my friends that Netflix offers them uninteresting content. Luckily, I love my AI on Netflix. Netflix’s use of AI and machine learning is not the most advanced, but it is a perfect product.


Nvidia is one of the world’s leading companies for Artificial intelligence technology. The company designs graphics processing units and systems for mobile and automotive applications. Nvidia’s use of AI as a graphic design tool is fascinating.

More big companies that use AI technology

  • Amazon
  • Microsoft
  • Intel
  • Baidu
  • IBM
  • Facebook
  • Micron Technology
  • Tesla

Best Artificial Intelligence startups

OK, that was the boring part. Yes, Google, Amazon, Facebook, and every big tech company work with AI these days, and regardless of AI technology, they are considered a good investment, but these companies have other sources of income and exposure to other risks. Besides those huge firms that are involved with artificial intelligence technology, some small companies focus only on producing AI technology and creating growth and improvement of the technology. Well, AI startup companies are ones that you can easily invest in.

How to Invest in Artificial Intelligence Startups?

Well, it’s not easy since these companies are usually not public and trade on exchanges. You can, however, invest through startup VC listings and directories. One recommended startup directory is Angelist.

Here are some of the best artificial intelligence startups:


Zymergen integrates biology, automation, machine learning to develop manufacturing molecules technology. The startup has funded by now $574.1M.

Automation Anywhere

Automation Anywhere provides a Robotic process automation (RPA) platform. The company was founded in 2003 and raised $550M.

Innoviz Technologies

Innoviz technologies develop various products for autonomous cars that include smart 3D sensing, sensor fusion, and accurate navigation.


UiPath develops a platform for Robotic Process Automation, a new form of business process technology based on the notion of software robots or artificial intelligence workers. The startup has raised so far $448M.

Travis Translation

Travis translation uses AI technology in a tiny device that allows users to fully translate conversations and communicate in a foreign language. The Dutch company has managed to raise $1.9M.


In 2016, LeapMotion released a new 3D virtual reality software for hand tracking. So far, the company has raised $94.1M.


DataRobots develops an automated machine-learning platform for building and deploying predictive models for enterprises. The company has raised $224M in three acquisitions so far.


If you have a belief that autonomous cars will be part of the future, Pony.ai is the right startup. They have a pretty cool self-driving system and have so far raised 214M.

Looking for artificial intelligence startups to invest in requires research and effort. I find The best websites to find information about any startup are Angelist and Crunchbase.

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