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This week Apple’s co-founder Steve Wozniak launched a new cryptocurrency, Efforce (WOZX). The coin was launched at a price of $1.53 on December 7 and since then soared to over $3.00. Basically, the token can be used on Wozniak’s new energy-saving platform, Efforce. More than that, holders of the WOZX may also take part in management decisions revolving around the Efforce platform.

The future, prospects for the company and the coin seem to be bright right now. With that in mind, some questions pop up right? What is Efforce? what is WOZK? And how do you buy this token?

What is Efforce?

Simply put, Efforce is a platform that allows contributors to benefit from energy-saving projects across the world. Or, in other words, it is sort of a marketplace for corporate or industrial building owners that want to get capital for their projects. The interface is well designed, as expected from someone like Wozniak. If you want to know more, check out this video:

The token name is also called Efforce, though it is mostly used, like many other digital assets, by the symbol of WOZX.

How to Buy Efforce (WOZX) Token?

Right now, the only cryptocurrency exchange that enables you to buy a WOZX token is HBTC. Personally, I’ve never used this exchange as it seems a bit complicated, however, even if you buy the token you can transfer it immediately to another digital wallet. Here’s the step by step process on how to buy the token:

  1. Visit HBTC and sign up for a trading account
  2. Go to buy crypto and buy USDT (Tether) HBTC buy USDT
  3. Search for WOZX on the HBTC homepage or via HBTC exchangeHBTC buy USDT
  4. Set the price and the amount and click on the Buy WOZX buttonWOZX buy on HBTC
  5. That’s it, you have Effeoce (WOZX) token. Remember, you can always transfer it to another secure wallet (better than storing it on HBTC online wallet)

WOZK Cryptocurrency Exchanges

For now, the token is only available on HBTC. However, in the next days or weeks, new crypto exchanges will most likely add the coin into their platforms. There are rumors that the coins will be listed on Binance and Bithumb very soon.

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