10 Interesting Facts About the World

10 Interesting Facts About the World
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  • The total number of people ever lived on our planet throughout history is 107,602,707,791, which means 107 billion. Of these, 7,719,170,915 live as of this writing. And from that number, 2.4 are children.
  • Every day, 353,000 new babies are born into the world. And every day, 151,600 people continue to the next world, if there is one. Humanity is growing every moment.

  • Estimates of the number of casualties from wars since the dawn of history are between 150 million and 1 billion when one of the exact estimates stands at 341 million people.
  • In the last 3,400 years, people have been in peace for only 268 years. Unfortunately, it is hard to believe that this will change soon because there are currently 52 war conflicts in the world, of which 18 are active.

  • About half a million people die every year from murder. About 30,000 people die every year from acts of terrorism. The majority in Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq.
    The question is why are we so afraid of terror? Why do people continue to rank terror as one of the main concerns?

  • The amount of money accumulated in the world is between $50 trillion to $80 trillion. Of course, one percent controls 50% of the world’s total capital. Which means that 70 million people have $ 40 trillion. That’s a lot!
    At the time of writing, half of the world’s population live on $2.5 a day.

  • These days, there are 10,365,205 prisoners. The United States, the land of freedom, is first on the list. San Marino has two prisoners. I wonder what they did.

  • The third-largest religion in the world (after Christianity and Islam) is atheism/agnosticism and secularism – or, in short, no religion! This religion has 1.1 billion believers. Is there faith on earth?

  • There are between 2 to 3 billion houses in the world. This fact raises the question, how could it be that there are so many homeless people in the world???
    How many homeless people are there in the world? According to UN estimates, there are about 100 million homeless people in the world!!!
    This could be the 13th largest country in the world, which could be a good idea. The State of the Homeless.

  • 56 billion animals die every year from human actions!!! 3000 animals are being murdered every second!!! By the way, the data does not include fish and other sea animals.
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