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What is Google AMP and Is It Important for SEO?

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Google is increasingly concerned with user experience. Everyone wants to give their users the best experience when they land on their Website. It is one of the critical ranking factors that you consider when compiling a SERP. Search engines also want the user experience to be consistent across devices. People visiting pages on a phone or tablet shouldn’t suffer than people visiting the page on a desktop computer.

The website loading time and the quality of landing pages on mobile devices are very important. It is demonstrated by the recent introduction of the first indexing for mobile devices, and if you wish to test the site speed on mobile or desktop, you can use PageSpeedInsights or GTMetrix.

Bear in mind that it’s not always the desktop version that matters. In most cases, a mobile user experience suffers. This happens because mobile versions of pages are often very different from desktop alternatives. Mobile carriers are almost always of low quality.

What are Google AMP pages?

The Google AMP pages are referred to as Accelerated Mobile Pages, and it is an open-source coding that enables you to create a website that loads very fast. This way, they can avoid the slow loading of web pages, which is frustrating for users. The AMP pages provide your users with a great experience who want to get through content and Website without any disruption.

The main aim of Google for creating AMP pages is to provide users with a great mobile experience. These websites and advertisements meet these criteria using Google AMP pages. AMP pages load within a fraction of a second. It creates a smoother and more engaging mobile experience that both projects and Google expect.

Importance of Google AMP pages

Google AMP now plays a vital role in search engine optimization. While it doesn’t directly affect your SEO ranking, it can have an indirect effect. Now we will explain some of the benefits of accelerated mobile pages.

  • Reduced Bounce Rates

Abandonment rate is an internet marketing term that measures the percentage of website visitors who enter your web page and then leave the Website without visiting another page. As we know, AMP helps your web pages load faster so that your visitors can easily view and read your content and surf the Website for a long time. It allows you to reduce the dropout rate. However, you may also go for a widely used practice, people also search for’, to attract more users.

  • Increases ROI of Campaign

The HTML Ads are creative, faster, and more secure than ever before. The ads can run on any device and load very fast, just like the content. The speed of ad display leads to high CTR and viewability. Because the ads load more quickly, and users can view full ads instantly. Thus, your ROI increases.

  • Increase in Website traffic

Load time is a critical factor in getting the SEO ranking. Google AMP pages have priority in their search algorithm and have a positive effect on search engine result pages (SERPs). Accelerated Mobile Pages helps increase the loading speed of mobile websites. It also enhances the user experience very effectively. As a result, your Website will get the most organic traffic and engagement.

  • It is Google News Carousel

One of the main advantages of AMP is the Google News carousel. When a user searches for content on their mobile device, a carousel appears at the top of all searches and prompts them to click the content first. Also, it has a higher priority than other search results.

  • Track User Activity With Google AMP

Accelerated Mobile Pages is a significant component that allows you to track user activity in Google Analytics using Amp Analytics. It is very for you to count the new and returning visitors, interactions, count visitors, and clicks. Plus, these activity reports will help you understand how to improve your user experience and develop a great marketing strategy.


Google’s AMP pages have a robust mechanical system that has a positive impact across all industries and is suitable for the future of search engine optimization. However, before implementing Google AMP, you must focus on user behavior and your business niche.

Google AMP pages can have a very positive impact on websites in all industries. Displaying AMP pages helps with web traffic, conversion rates, and overall sales. If you are not sure about creating these pages, then take the help of a digital market agency. They have experts who will guide you and help you make your website fully mobile-optimized.

Increased organic traffic, better conversions, and the resulting sales boom are the main goals of SEO. The only conclusion is that sooner rather than later, Google AMP should be part of your SEO strategy.

Hence, optimizing your Website for AMP is essential. Even so, this can be very difficult and time-consuming. Accelerate has a team of experts dedicated to optimizing mobile websites. If you think you need help or advice on a more problematic task like migrating to AMP, search for answers online, or contact SEO experts.

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