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Most people believe that time travel is impossible, but virtual reality has proven itself as a technology that allows users to go back in time into the past.

New applications offer virtual reality(VR) ‘travel in time’ experiences that offer a glimpse to the past. Remember, the technology is still in its early age and those who have the vision and curiosity can imagine how it might look like in the future (Western World???)

Here are some of the best places worldwide where you can travel in time as of 2019:

  • TimeRide Divided Berlin 

TimeRide GMBH is offering a virtual journey through divided Berlin. The VR tour goes through a total of four stations on a bus tour.

Address: Zimmerstrasse 91, 10117 Berlin


  • TimeRide Cologne – The imperial age at the dawn of the 20th century

The Cologne tour in the old Cöln at the time of the emperors goes through three stations including Cologne’s Old Town at the time of the Kaiser.


  • TimeRide Dresden – The year 1719 in the heart of the Baroque era

This tour takes you 300 years back in time (literally) to the 18th-century wedding of Friedrich August in Zwinger.


  • UrbanTimeTravel – Luxemburg 1867

UrbanTimeTravel developed a unique experience which allows you to see the city of Luxembourg in 1867.

Address: 9, Rue du Laboratoire L-1911 Luxembourg


  • GolemVR – Medieval Prague

GolemVR offers you to travel into to the Renaissance Prague under the rule of king Rudolph the Second. The GolemVR experience is a combination of travel in time and an ‘escape room’.



  • Timescope France

Time scope offers various terminals across french cities that allows you to travel to either the past or future. Timescope’s time travel machine is a unique service that hopefully will be implemented in other big cities in the world.


TimeLooper VR Time Travel: Step Into Old Hong Kong

The Step Into Old Hong Kong VR time travel experience, offered by the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) allows visitors to experience two-time travel journeys – The Hollywood Road, a Travel back to 1960s and the Kai Tak Airport tour in the 1980s.

Address: 100/F, International Commerce Centre, 1 Austin Road West, Kowloon, Hong Kong


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