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Top 5 Backing Track Apps For iPhone And Android Smartphones

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With the new age of individualism, backing tracks are a great solution for lonely musicians (like myself). There are many music apps on iTunes and GooglePlay, however, some of these apps are not user-friendly and a bit complicated for a basic need like backing track music. As music evolves, so does smartphone music production applications.

You can also find good backing tracks on YouTube or produce your preferred drums and bass backing track through one of the music production software (Cubase Groove Agent is recommended).

Nevertheless, we are here to list the best backing track apps on iPhone And Android Smartphones.


Available on: Apple Store and GooglePlay

Price: US$13.99

One of the best music apps available on iPhone, iPad, Android, and Mac. The iRealPro offers a selection of features including backing tracks that can be customized and edited. With iRealPro, you can create a backing track based on your chord progression and insert an intro to the track. Anyway, if you are looking for a professional app, this is the best music app.

Guitar Jam Tracks

Available on: Apple Store and GooglePlay

Price: US$4.99

Guitar Jam Tracks by Ninebuzz is also one of the best backing tracks apps available on the App Store and Google Play. The app offers five backing tracks styles with seven scales (A, B, C, D, E, F, G) on a major and minor pentatonic scale. Though the app aims for beginners, it is also suitable for intermediate and advanced guitarists.


Available on: Apple Store and GooglePlay

Price: Free

Jamzone is a fun music app. The app is available on App Store, Google Play and PC, offering instrumental backing tracks and famous songs to play along with. Jamzone also provides playlists of guitar licks, guitar starters, bass riffs, big bands, and piano lessons. For advanced guitars and performers, Jamzone features include built-in loops, multitrack console, tempo & pitch control, and other useful features. Jamzone is not just an app to practice but can be used to create live performances and unique musical experiences on stage.

Drum Beats +

Available on: Apple Store and GooglePlay

Price: US$4.99

Well, it’s nice to play along with guitar, piano, other famous instruments, and famous songs but the real thing is to play along with a drum beat backing track. Drum Beats+ is another app by Ninebuzz and is one of the most popular drum beats applications. The app is simple to use, you have a huge selection of backing tracks categorized by genre, and you can change the tempo and save your favorite backing tracks.


Available on: Apple Store 

Price: Free version and a Pro version for US$14.99

Perhaps the best music app for musicians, offering many features for beginners and advanced performers. Anytune is available on the iOS operating system on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Though it was not designed as a backing tracks application, users can use the application to practice and perform with backing tracks audios. Anytune is the perfect app for live performance.

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