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Drones are incredible machines for capturing breathtaking aerial images. In the same way, mapping and photogrammetry are increasingly adopting the utilization of drone technology. Thankfully, the market is filled with impressive photogrammetry programs for drone’s 3D mapping.

However, these photogrammetry programs for drone’s 3D mapping can vary massively in terms of complexity and cost. Furthermore, photogrammetry technology and programs continue to develop at a rapid pace. They come with new and highly advanced features. So, if you’re just beginning, you may find it difficult to choose the best photogrammetry programs for drone’s 3D mapping – both for a future-proof solution and for your current needs. 

In this article, we share our picks of the best photogrammetry programs for drone’s 3D mapping:

What Is Photogrammetry Software?

The minimalist meaning of photogrammetry is using images to make measurements. Simply said, it uses images or photos to map and measure distances. Photogrammetry software programs enable users to convert drone images into 3D models instantly. For a photogrammetry program to qualify for being proficient, the software must be able to:

  • Convert images to various file formats
  • Convert data into a 2D or 3D model further design
  • Offer the ability to edit, measure, and visualize 3D models

When you’re choosing a program for drone’s 3D mapping, you will be exposed to so many incredible options. Here, we list the best photogrammetry software programs for drone’s 3D mapping that you should consider:

The Best Photogrammetry Programs for Drone’s 3D Mapping

Before you purchase anything, you need to ask yourself, what is the best photogrammetry program?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question; it depends on your application. In regards to 3D photogrammetry software for drones, there are quite a number of choices.

Here is our list of the best photogrammetry programs for drone’s 3D mapping:

  1. Pix4D Mapper Photogrammetry

    Pix4DMapper is the versatile, industry-leading photogrammetry program for advanced, professional mapping applications. It has high-resolution capabilities that allow the retrieval of the elevation, temperature, and the value of each pixel which enables it to create highly accurate maps. It’s even recommended for WingtraOno because it:

    • Creates top-resolution maps
    • Supports one-click image processing
    • Creates 3D point clouds, georeferenced orthomosaics, and digital surface models
    • Usable on both cloud and desktop processing options
    • Runs volume calculations, create 3D textured models, and display contour lines             
  2. 3DR Site Scan 

    3DR Site Scan is comprehensive photogrammetry software that can be used all-round in industries such as mining, construction, engineering, and film. Site Scan delivers a professional end-to-end aerial surveying solution that facilitates the easy collection, processing, analysis, and sharing of drone data. Furthermore, the 3DR site scan captures even thermal imagery when used on mine drone surveys.

  3. DroneDeploy

    Through interactive top-resolution digital maps and thorough analysis, DroneDeploy enables users to act faster, perform better, and make accurate data-informed decisions. DroneDeploy is an easy-to-use, interactive drone mapping program that can be used effectively by both advanced users and beginners.

    It is available for both multi-user enterprise clients or as a mobile app for single users. It also enables in-field data analysis before getting back to the office indoors to upload the images and create high-resolution 3D maps in several different sharable formats. 

  4. Delair is a recently-launched photogrammetry program and platform that draws from a profound understanding of the disruptive drone data power.

    New to the industry, the software tested program firmly targets and integrates drone mapping data into workflows to produce immediate, accurate project insights using its cloud-based end-to-end user interface. Additionally, it provides ease-of-use, accessible, speedy solutions in image processing, application, and analytics.

  5. Propeller

    Designed with the user in mind, Propeller mapping software is primarily inclined towards the construction, mining, consulting, and waste management industries. It offers a variety of 3D mapping capabilities, from safety assuring to tracking changes for several site management aspects.

    Propeller provides simple yet formidable cloud software for drone surveys, mapping, and inspections. You can access detailed 3D site models through your standard internet connection with user-friendly tools that allow you to inspect up close, measure with confidence, analyze effectively, and communicate with authority.

  6. SimActive Correlator3D™

    SimActive’s Correlator3D program is one of the industry’s leading end-to-end photogrammetry solution for high-quality geospatial data from aerial and satellite imagery, including UAVs. It conducts aerial triangulation (AT), which results in dense digital surface models (DSM), orthomosaics, digital terrain models (DTM), vectorized 3D features, and advanced 3D models.

    Powered by multi-core CPUs and GPU technology, Correlator3D guarantees outstanding processing power that supports the fast production of large datasets.

  7. Agisoft

    Agisoft PhotoScan comes with over a decade of experience in drone mapping and photogrammetry.

    The program is designed for users to generate various digital images of 3D geographical data easily. In addition to offering highly accurate surveying capabilities, Agisoft is also useful in visual effects. It is a highly user-friendly software that includes various features to modify and tweak your images and models.

  8. 3DF Zephyr

    Combining old school with new technology trends, 3DF Zephyr has various intuitive and exciting features with a user-friendly interface for nearly any corporate user.

    We rate highly 3DF Zephyr as one of the most competent photogrammetry programs for capturing reality and drone’s 3D mapping. It is a highly competent photogrammetry software program that creates splendid 3D models from various images. Unlike most of its competitors, the 3DF Zephyr program is free for any personal use for up to 50 images, which can be enough for simple projects.

  9. Maps Made Easy 

    Finally, here is a fantastic photogrammetry program for small drone businesses or beginners to start with. If you’re starting off, Maps Made Easy should be the program of your choice. It hosts your maps on their server instead of you having to save them in your drive. Regardless of the type of map you want to generate, whether you need a visual map, an agricultural map, or a full-fledged volumetric mining map, Maps Made Easy is your ideal software. With this program, you can process every aerial image into an Orthophoto map, a 3D model.

We recommend this program if you have limited space on your computer, or you can check out other posts on how to speed up your computer.

Wrapping Up

While there are many more great photogrammetry programs for drone’s 3D mapping out there, we believe that this list is more than enough to start you off (and support you on your way) on your 3D drone mapping capabilities. 

Should you need more elaborate information, you can check other websites that can give you handy tips to help you understand and choose the best photogrammetry programs for drone’s 3D mapping including PC tips and tricks.

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