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The stock market for tech investors was no less than a roller coaster ride in 2021. Some of the stocks outperformed the market, while others simply gave up most or all of their gains. Well, whatever the case is, the stock market for cybersecurity will never be set back from outperforming in 2022. Wondering why? The reason is obvious: everything is moving to the cloud, and the chances of theft are high.

Therefore, it is important to refrain from the damage caused by those thefts. For that matter, investing in cybersecurity can help businesses stay in the game longer and prevent hacking. But the market is flooded with options related to cybersecurity stocks, and purchasing the best one for 2022 is important. Here, you’ll see a list of the best stocks you can buy in 2022. Keep reading!

Best cybersecurity stocks to buy in 2022

Check Point (CHKP)

Check Point is a conventional cybersecurity company that buys back stock and delivers slow revenue growth. It does not pursue the major end-market opportunity aggressively. Also, the deferred revenue of Check Point during the third quarter has increased by 12% one year after another and is now $1.45 billion. Furthermore, it has led to outpacing the growth of real company revenue.

Fortinet (FTNT)

When we talk about cybersecurity stocks, Fortinet is a name that will always be on the list. The only reason why it is so prominent is that it offers great perks to consumers that can be easily understood in the hyperconnected world. Fortinet additionally offers VPN services over and above all of the usual ones offered by a cybersecurity company. It is a top-notch vendor of firewalls and offers exceptional hardware that leads to increased revenue generation for the company.


OKTA is also a prominent name in this list because it has managed to bring out a product from a distinct niche. The company primarily focuses on identity authentication via the “zero trust” approach in this scenario. Simply defined, Okta comes up with solutions that range from passwords to biometrics that assists its customers to identify and verify users accessing the network at any specific time.

Lockheed Martin Corporation (LMT)

Lockheed Martin Corporation (LMT) is another leading global defense contractor. Also, it is one of the finest detractors for around a one-year trailing duration because of its paired-back F-35 delivery plans. The company has reported weaker than expected sales guidance for 2022. However, the LMT position is secure as they are a steady provider of lucrative contracts and perks from a great backlog. At present, according to some analysts, LMT is trading at a 32% discount to the private market’s estimated worth.

Bae Systems (BAESY)

BAE Systems is one of the emerging cybersecurity stocks and is bound to perform well as per the market standards in 2022. Eventually, it didn’t have a great start in the stock market in 2021, but soon it managed to grab the pace and get ahead of the competition. With great returns and a high success rate, the investors in BAESY have experienced great profits.


Investing in cybersecurity stocks is a crucial decision, and businesses need to consider many things at once. This write-up was a sole attempt to highlight the best cybersecurity stocks that businesses can consider investing in during 2022 and get some great benefits. And despite the forecasts for a stock market crash or correction in the stock market, the stocks above are some of the safest long-term investments investors can make right now.

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