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Royal with cheese… Great movie, but this time we not gonna talk about the movie.

They say fashion repeats itself – Pulp fiction was a phenomenon in the late 19th century until the mid 20th century that created unnecessary low-quality content. The question – Did pulp fiction return to our life, but this time on a new platform, the online media?

First, what is pulp fiction?

Pulp fiction is a term that describes a huge amount of creative writing available to the American public from 1896 to the 1950s. The term pulp is actually the low-quality paper used between the covers.

At some point, there was a huge demand for writing regardless of the quality of the content. Low paying writers contributed to the popularity of pulp fiction magazines that were creative, nicely decorated and entertaining.

Fun fact – L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology was actually a pulp fiction author. Later, some of his pulp fiction work turned out to be part of the Scientology religion principles.

Pulp fiction 2.o

Nowadays, there is an enormous amount of news, opinions, and analysis articles published on social media, blogs, websites, magazines, forums, and that includes our blog. While a hundred years ago the news coverage was minor, we have so much news coverage these days – Trump, sports, finance, economy, relationships, gossip, new movies, new music, Lebron James, Justin Bieber, Beyonce… Ahhhh. Is there an actual need for this scope of content? probably not.

However, as the demand for content increased since the rise of technology (computers and smartphones, the conclusion is clear – reading and writing are important and most likely will stay relevant in the future. The truth is that transferring information through reading and writing content is perhaps the best way and most people around the globe continue to consume information, knowledge, and entertainment through websites, blogs, apps, social media, notifications, magazines and newspapers.

Another advantage that technology has brought us is the possibility for every person to consume and create content. While in the past only a few could read, write and share their opinion on social media (mostly newspapers and books), today anyone, literally anyone, can share his opinion, knowledge or ability to transfer information.

How many articles are published every day?

It’s a challenge to answer this question. I’m not sure that Google knows the answer but there are estimations of 2 million posts according to MarketingProfs (2015) and even a higher amount of 4 million blog posts(2019). The data is not including newspapers, magazines, forums, and social media. There is another estimation of over 4 billion global internet users according to VPNGeeks. To sum it up, so much content!!!

What’s the conclusion? First, be a writer. Second, although the rise of technology and new features such as videos, podcasts, etc were supposed to eliminate or decreased posts, articles or any form of typing content… The opposite happened, pulp fiction is back.

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