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Well, imagine you could use the same battery for the entire duration of your life, and then… transfer it to your kids or any other relatives. That is what the Nano Diamond battery is all about – a battery that can last up to 28,000 years, with no charging required.

This revolutionary product has been developed by the California-based startup NDB called the nano-diamond battery, a fully nuclear battery that uses radioactive isotopes used in nuclear reactors.

Nano Diamond Battery – What is it and How does it Work?

A nano-diamond battery, also known as NDB, is a nuclear self-charging battery that can last for a long period of time. Or, in other words, it can last for… 28,000 years???. This battery, developed by NDB, Inc., is powered by nuclear waste and is still considered safe for humans. Many people still wonder if it is even possible or the story of a nano-diamond battery is too good to be true. Further, NDB is made from Carbon-14 nuclear waste, which is a radioactive isotope of carbon and requires a long and risky process to create this battery.

Nonetheless, with the rise of technology and more importantly, the need for high storage batteries for the progress of solar energy – it won’t be a big surprise if a new battery technology will emerge in the upcoming years.

How to Buy Nano Diamond Battery?

Well, at present you cannot buy a nano-diamond battery. As a matter of fact, The company has not yet developed it, and NDB technologies plan to start developing it once they raise funds through various funding methods.

How to Invest in  Nano Diamond Battery?

If after all, this technology is realistic in your opinion, then it is also possible to invest directly in NDB Inc. This would be in the form of startup investment or sort of Angel Investment, meaning you buy shares of the company with the hopes that one day the company will pay you back for the investment you made at this point in time. This can be done on the NDB technologies website.

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