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The luggage storage service is especially popular among users of Airbnb and other non-hotel lodgings, their locations being conveniently located near tourist sights, in highly trafficked neighborhoods and close to major transportation hubs.

How to find a place to store your luggage while traveling

  1. Visit Luggagehero and Use the map or browse the list of shops and book the one you like.
  2. Directions will be sent to you by email and SMS (if chosen). The directions are also available on your booking page.
  3. Start the storage timer once you arrive in the shop for insurance.
  4. Attach security seal, found in the shop, through the zippers of your bag. This will ensure your bags up to $3,000/€2.500/£2.200. Take a picture of the seal attached to your bag as a receipt for delivered luggage.
  5. Stop the Storage Timer when you pick up your bags. This will process payment.

Everything is paid online for your safety and convenience.

When would you use it?

  • Leisure travel: Allowing you to discover the city worry-free and maximize sightseeing time, without the pain of carrying luggage after you. Recommended for: long layovers, late check-in times or hours left between your check-out and your flight
  • Business Travel: Strike that winning deal, be in control of your business meeting and rock that conference or dinner. Or even allow yourself to experience what bleisure is all about.
  • Equipment: Quick and easy storage for musicians, athletes with heavy sports gear (runners, skiers, etc.) or people dragging bulky office equipment. No more crowded subways for professionals and daily commuters
  • Events: For true sport and music fans that want to drag all their supporting collection. They keep it safe, no matter the size.

Where can you use it at the moment?

They are constantly opening new locations, but for now, are present in 25 major cities:


London, Amsterdam, Vienna, Copenhagen, Brussels, Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Malaga, Rome, Venice, Milan, Florence, Berlin, Hamburg, Paris, Nice, Lisbon, Porto.

Unites States

New York City, San Francisco, Chicago, Miami, Boston.



For more information visit Storagehero

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