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Before thinking about pursuing a career in Blockchain technology, one should know the basics of Blockchain technology. It is an allocated ledger technology developed for peer-to-peer digital currency (bitcoin), by Satoshi Nakamoto.

The buzz is that many popular successful companies and industries are looking for collaborations and partnerships to launch pilot projects based on blockchain technology. Due to its huge advantages, blockchain has been consistently receiving sponsorship from global leaders, popular industry experts, and rising entrepreneurs.  

The extension of Blockchain over industries and the ardor for a technology that has the ability to start a technological revolution has increased the demand for jobs in Blockchain.

According to a research conducted by Upwork, global freelance website, Blockchain secured its place in the list of the 20 Fastest-Growing Skills on Upwork for Q1 2018.

This is the perfect time for all the aspirants to get into the community and design their own path for a successful career. One more interesting factor is, for Blockchain it is not important to spend several years in formal education.

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To give you more information about job roles and their pay in blockchain technology, one of our friends from has developed an infographic. Please, share your thoughts on our infographic. 

Blockchain Jobs

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