Best Digital Nomad Cities in Europe 2019

Best Digital Nomad Cities in Europe 2019
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Digital nomads have the luxury to decide where they want to live based on living costs, weather, and social life. The possibility of moving around from a place to place provides digital nomads a sense of freedom in the new age of minimalism.

These days, there are plenty of freelance social platforms for digital nomads such as People Per Hour, Fiverr and Upwork or other self-employed income that allow people a free movement between places.

For those who face the question – where is the best place (for you) to live as a digital nomad? Obviously, there is no one place and the decision varies from one person to another but there are some variables that must be taken into the account. Living cost, weather, technology, culture, language, and legal status are all part of the decision to choose a place to live in (even if temporary).

There are also other considerations when choosing a place to stay in for a while: the geographic location, how acceptable is AirBnB (you will find out that Airbnb can be insurance for a digital nomad to always find a ‘roof over your head’), cheap flights to your family’s residence, etc.

For some people, WiFi is enough to earn a decent salary while others search for a sustainable and steady place. The list below provides some big cities in Europe for digital nomads:

  1. Berlin, Germany
  2. Lisbon, Portugal
  3. Budapest, Hungary
  4. Prague, Czech Republic
  5. Copenhagen, Denmark

Berlin, Germany

In recent years, Berlin has become a hub for digital nomads in Europe as it provides all the necessities for digital freelancers. The city is a startup center with many coworking spaces and WiFi in every coffee shop.

When you put in all the factors, Berlin’s cost of living is relatively cheap compared to other megacities in Europe (London, Paris, Stockholm, etc.) but Berlin is still more expensive than Eastern Europe countries such as Serbia or Estonia or Asian countries such as Thailand or Vietnam.

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon, the ‘Chiang Mai’ of Europe has grown to be the main hub for digital nomads in Europe. Although the cost of living is higher than in Berlin or other European countries, it is an affordable city with a great vibe.

You won’t find it hard to find coworking spaces, the weather is good, you have access to WiFi around the city, good people, great beach. What else you need?

English is a bit of a problem in Lisbon and in Portugal in general (Porto is another great hub for digital nomads).

For those who are currently located in Lisbon and for those who plan to arrive there at some point in time, you can join the ‘Lisbon Digital Nomad’ group at Meetup.

Budapest, Hungary

If you are looking for an affordable place to live that can provide you the peace in mind to build your business or your freelance career, then, Budapest is the place for you. For digital nomads, the monthly total cost can conclude at around $1000. Budapest also has nice bars and nightlife and has a great location to travel to other places in Europe and Asia.

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, Czech Republic

According to, Prague is the number one choice in Europe. Prague is a beautiful city, very romantic (great for couples) and… cheap. Let’s assume you are not a big spender, you can finish a month in Prague with total expenses of 1500$. You have pretty much all you need to in Prague to work as a freelancer and enjoy your time.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Regardless of digital nomads, Copenhagen is just a cool city. It’s a small city in size and population with 585K residents and has one hour train to Malmo in Sweden. Copenhagen is actually a big village with low pollution, good transportation (a lot of bicycles), green spaces and exciting nightlife.

Still, Copenhagen is not a cheap city to live or travel in. A month in the city can cost you around $3000-$4000, depending on your preferences (flat, lifestyle, work expenses, etc). However, if you can afford yourself to spend a few months in Copenhagen, do it.

Bottom line

Every person who chooses to live as a digital nomad knows the places that match his personality. While one feels more comfortable in mega cities like New York, London or Paris, others will search for the relatively smaller cities in Europe with a different type of charm. Cost of living is an important factor but other factors should be considered as well.

Other cities in Europe that should be noted as an option for digital nomads: Bucarest, Belgrad, Warsaw, Gdansk, Tel Aviv (although geographically not in Europe), Barcelona, Las Palmas, Porto, Ljubljana.

As mentioned above, every place can be a hub for digital nomads – a small village in Italy or France or perhaps a small town in a tropical country. Digital nomads live with the constant urge to move and Europe is a perfect place to live or travel as a digital nomad: short distances, good economy, advanced technology, and safety.

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