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7 Gaming Security Tips for Parents

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The Internet is a vicious place where data ransom, data breaches, security attacks, and cybercrimes are common. The worst part of these crimes is that a layman will never know about them. A small link to your favorite site, a job offer, a picture, a post link, or just a message, anything can bring you and your family to the brink of a safety violation. Videos, pop-ups, disclaimers, cookies, pictures, and information that seems innocent can be traced back to vicious malware leading to serious disaster. These malware-laced documents and information are almost everywhere on the internet.  

A recent data breach scandal about fake gaming websites based on the famous TV series “Last of Us” has brought the severity of the data theft into light. However, the issue is data theft and data ransom. A few years ago, the game “Blue Whale” became very popular due to its disastrous effects on the community. The game was responsible for a high rate of suicide among kids and teenagers. These incidents are not only becoming a big concern for the authorities but also for parents around the world. As a parent, it should be your utmost priority to ensure the safety and security of your child. However, you cannot follow your kids or put them under surveillance. 

Luckily, there are so many online tools, apps, and software that can help you ensure your child’s safety online. Since most of the data leakage can be traced back to the internet connection, it is very important to look for a good internet connection that ensures your data’s full security and safety.

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Additionally, here are some gaming security tips you should consider to ensure your networks are safe and secure.

Gaming security tips for parents

As online gaming is becoming a big trend, more kids are ditching the old-school methods of playing games and switching to online gaming. Online games are advanced and relay data in real time. Moreover, kids can play games with friends and talk to them simultaneously. This helps them enjoy a virtual playland where they hang out with their friends.

Although kids are becoming more aware of cybersecurity issues, parents must take the lead and ensure that their kids and the information stay safe without any risk of vulnerability. To help the parents, here are some of the best tips that can help you ensure gaming security as a parent.  

1. Know the game

For every game, there are standard rules and requirements. Some require instant updates, others require manual updates, and you might also have to purchase some features. You need detailed research to ensure that you are not walking into a trap or downloading the game from an actual and official website rather than landing on a fake site. 

For some people, this detailed research might be a little challenging, so you can look for reviews and introductory videos on YouTube, where you will get to know about the game in detail.  

2. Get to multi-step authentication

For every transition and every download, opt for a multistep authentication. If you find it a hassle, opt for two Step Authentication at least. This will help you know about every single update, download, or purchase done by your account. 

3. Do not open anything unknown

A common phishing attack method is sending messages, invites, and video links from unknown accounts. These accounts are generally non-traceable, and there the links are attached to the software that can steal the data. This data is later sold on open-source websites and the dark web. To avoid this issue, you can download unknown and malware-detection extensions. 

These extensions will redirect all the unknown emails and links directly to the spam folder or will highlight if there is something suspicious. 

4. Update the software

Software and gaming companies are now becoming more mindful of data security issues. This is why companies that detect malware or bug look for instant remedies. 

The changes done by the companies for security are then launched for the users via updates. You can choose the auto-update option, which helps you easily get the latest software version. 

5. Only play on secure networks

Most people like to play games on the go, so they opt for open networks to support their gaming. As a parent, you can block access to the public and insecure networks while keeping the admin control to yourself. 

6. Pay via credit card only

While making software and gaming feature purchase, you will get the two-payment option. You can choose either a credit card or a debit card. However, experts believe that credit card is a much better option as it helps keep payment secure with multiple consumer protection protocols. 

7. Install parental control apps

For the parents, there are multiple parental control apps and extensions that can help you keep track of all the online activities of your child features of these apps are not just limited to basic tracking. At the same time, gaming also extends to complete data activity tracking and location monitoring so you can stay informed at all times. 

Bottom line

Undoubtedly, the methods of sending malware, phishing, and data breach used by hackers are becoming malicious every day. These days, cybersecurity is important for entrepreneurs but also for average ordinary people who like… gaming. Don’t avoid this issue and use our mentioned tips above as they will help you set some basic protection plans to keep you and your family safe from cybersecurity mishaps. 

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