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iPhone is a revolutionary invention that has changed how people communicate, entertain themselves, and work. Apple debuted the first iPhone in 2007 and, since then, has implemented many changes to its design and features. 

The latest model, iPhone 14, is one of the best 5G phones available on the market, revered for the strides it has taken since the first line of iPhones came out. It’s a spectacular feat of innovation featuring an A15 Bionic Chip that allows the device to run at tremendous speeds, produce fluid animations, and significantly decrease performance hiccups.

There are a few important reasons why some consumers prefer iPhones over Android devices. First, consumers like the sleek and compact appearance of the iPhone, compared to its Android counterparts that boast a bulkier build. Some also praise Apple products because of the device’s ease of use. Additionally, some iPhone models, like iPhone 7, remained popular due to their food functionality and cheap prices. 

Android devices indeed offer more features than Apple devices. For example, you can install apps on an Android device that aren’t available for iPhones. However, the iPhone is often the best choice for individuals who want a phone that is highly functional and easy to use.

One problem does plague both devices, and that’s storage space. So, in this article, we’ll help you solve this issue with five ways to maximize iPhone storage. 

5 ways to maximize iPhone storage

For iPhones, there are actionable ways to save space. Let’s discuss some ways to maximize your iPhone storage.

1. Delete old messages

Your inbox is probably full of messages, most of them left unread. If you have an older iPhone with limited storage, deleting old messages can help free up some space without losing anything important. Furthermore, you better delete WhatsApp images to free space as these usually take up a lot of memory space. 

2. Use iCloud photo library and iCloud drive

If you’re an Apple user, there are two main ways to store your precious photos and videos: in the cloud or on your device. You can access the former from any device with internet access. At the same time, the latter requires that you sync with iTunes and download everything onto your computer before transferring it to another device.

With iCloud Photo Library and iCloud Drive, you can store your files directly in the cloud and access them from any device at any time. These storage devices are handy if you use multiple devices, like an iPad, for reading emails and surfing the web because those files will be available across all of them. Not to mention it saves you valuable phone storage space.

3. Turn off automatic downloads for apps and podcasts

Apps take up a lot of space on your phone. So much so that many users don’t realize it until they start running out of space entirely. Fortunately, an easy way to save space is to turn off automatic downloads. Go into Settings, and look for iTunes & App Store. Then, click on Automatic Downloads and set it to “Off.”

4. Reduce photo size

Another way to clear up space is by reducing the size of photos taken on your iPhone. To do this, go to Settings, then Camera. Proceed to turn off the “Automatically manage photo size” feature, and you can customize it to be more space-saving and efficient.

Reducing photo size will prevent iOS from backing up original photos and videos taken with your camera—which typically has larger file sizes because of its raw format—so that only optimized versions are stored in the Photos app for a smaller footprint.

5. Delete old emails

If you use apps like Gmail or Yahoo to check your emails, deleting old emails from the server or clearing the app cache will also free up space on your phone. Fortunately, deleting messages from the server won’t delete your emails from your email account. 

In addition to keeping your inbox tidy, this can be beneficial if you have an older device with limited storage because it won’t have to sync as much information over Wi-Fi or cellular data.

The bottom line

iPhone is certainly a powerful device that offers a lot, whether looking for something to entertain you or researching for work. However, the trade-off of using these features will cost you phone storage space. Fortunately, with these space-saving basic tips in mind, you can enjoy everything the iPhone is famous for while keeping your device in optimal running condition.

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